SOLAR 2019 Archive

Below are links to the SOLAR 2019 Conference presentations.


Keynote Speeches

Dave Renne
Can The World Solve The Climate Urgency With Renewable Energy

Larry Shirley
States Are Leading The Charge For 100% Clean Energy

Kim Havey
Climate Change: A People Centered Call To Action

Kevin O’Rourke
Ramping Up Renewables

James McCalley
The Importance To The Nation

Gregg Mast
Business Case For Investing In Climate Action

J. Drake Hamilton
Succeeding In Dramatic Climate Action

Public Acceptance and Action Track: Community Climate Action Programs

Jeffrey R. S. Brownson & Meghan Hoskins
Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future

Mia Devine
We Accelerate The Shift To Clean Energy One Community At A Time

Eric Buchanan
Net-Zero Dairy Milking Parlor: Making Milk Green with Renewable Energy

John Bleem
PV Modeling As A Community Resource

Technical Track: PV Storage and Implementation

David Timmons
Technical Track PV Storage and Implimentation

Jeff Gilbert
Third-party Installation Review, Testing And Commissioning

Policy Track: Practical Climate Actions

Blake Jones
Clean Energy Credit Union

John Quinnell
MN Solar Pathways: Curtailment and SyntheAc Natural Gas: A recipe for a high renewables Minnesota?

Poster Session

Kayla Carey

Natalie Mann

Nathan Edmunds

Omer Elsanusi

Patrick Hamilton Poster


Keynote: Essential Minerals

Roopali Phadke
Essential Minerals

Technical Track: Resource Assessment

Richard Perez
Resource Assessment

Policy Track: Climate Action and Public Health

Tracy Holloway
The Benefits of Solar For Climate Air Quality Health

Policy Track: Solar Homes

Janelle McGill
Solar In Real Estate: Shining Light On Added Value Part 1
Solar In Real Estate: Shining Light On Added Value Part 2

Technical Track: Transportation

David A. Erb
Driving to NET Zero: Exploiting the PV-EV Synergy

John Martin Light Solar Vehicles

Bob McCallister
ASES Presentation

Policy Track: Solar Buildings and Community Solar

Vicki O’Day
Community Solar For Community Action

Isaac Gendler Project Bhaskar

Maximizing Value of Climate Actions Forum

Maximizing Value of Climate Actions Forum 1
Maximizing Value of Climate Actions Forum 2
Maximizing Value of Climate Actions Forum 3

David Peteler
Qualified Opportunities

Robert Blake
Red Lake Solar Project

Policy Track: Climate Action through Community Solar Forum

Gabriel Chan & Gilbert Michaud
Climate Action Through Community Solar


Climate Action Quick Shots (~switch)

Jonee Kulman Brigham & Paul Imbertson
Power Systems Journey: Making the Invisible Visible and Actionable

National Solar Tour

Dave Finnigan
Green Actioneers

Conference Highlights and Call to Action

John Dunlop
ASES Session Highlights

ASES Annual Membership Meeting & Lunch

ASES Staff Annual Membership Meeting Opening Remarks

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