ASES Committee Structure (updated May 2022)


The Governance Committee (“Committee”) will assist the Board of Directors of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) to fulfill its responsibilities regarding matters that relate to governing the organization, overseeing compliance for non-profits and in identifying and making recommendations to the board candidates to be Board Directors and their subsequent orientation. Chair: David Ginley


Assists in the process for electing new Board officers.

Works with Governance Committee to identify needs and candidates

Chair: Paulette Middleton



Strategic planning is one of the board’s fiduciary responsibilities. The board provides the direction that sustains the organization for the upcoming 12 months. Looking beyond the coming year, the board is responsible to develop strategic plans for the next 5 years and beyond. Strategic planning accounts for clarifying and solidifying an organization’s purpose and mission. Clarifying the purpose is especially important for charities. Nonprofits are legally required to operate according to their purpose and to benefit the public accordingly both currently and in the future.



ASES maintains a standing Executive Committee (EC) as per the Bylaws and is thereby authorized to act on behalf of the full board in pressing and emergency situations. The EC has the authority to take action or make decisions when needed outside of regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings. The EC maintains a liaison between Board leadership and the ASES Staff and determines compensation for the executive director and concurs with the proposal for the overall compensation package for the staff. As stated in the ASES bylaws, the EC follows the guidelines regarding Committee authority as specified in Section 7-128-206(4) of the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act. Chair: Robert Foster



The Program Committee evaluates existing programs, oversees program expansion and/or development, and facilitates board conversations about ASES programs. The ASES Program Committee shall support and advise the Executive Director (ED), staff, volunteers by leading Board-approved ASES Programs on maintaining alignment with the ASES vision and mission. The committee assists in implementing those programs in a manner that builds, enhances and sustains a positive reputation of ASES. The Program Committee will reflect on the impact of the programs and make recommendations to the Board and Executive Director as needed. 

The Program Committee is a standing committee reporting to the Board. Chair: Abraham Ellis


Responsibilities: To design, implement, and track progress on ASES Tiny Watts Program.


Responsibilities: City selection, date selection, venue selection, partnerships, programming, schedule development and outreach of annual conference. Chair: Carly Cipolla



The Finance Committee shall assist the Board of the American Solar Energy Society in providing financial oversight for the organization and ensure the organization meets its operational and strategic goals. This includes but is not limited to budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, fundraising, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls, audits and accountability policies. The Committee, a standing committee reporting to the Board, is established pursuant to Section 2.18 of the Bylaws. Chair: Joshua Peterson

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE                                                                             

Responsibilities: To manage fundraising and development activities of ASES, and to implement the Fundraising Plan in consultation with the entire Board of Directors each year. Chair: Joshua Peterson



The Awards Committee is responsible for the development and management of all ASES Awards including Fellows subcommittee of ASES. The mission of this committee is to evaluate how best to recognize and support the industry, community, academia and the labs by acknowledging the individuals, companies and/or programs that are outstanding in their field in the practice, support and promotion of excellence in solar energy in alignment with the mission and vision of ASES. The committee also establishes awards for those in ASES that have gone above and beyond in their support of the organization. Committee members develop criteria for awards and the rating process to select awardees. The development of new awards and retiring awards will be at the recommendation of this committee to the Board. This committee operates autonomously but awards and fellowships given require final board approval. Chair: Larry Kazmerski


Responsibilities: Help write call for nominees for Fellows, review nominees, decide nominees. Nominees must be ASES members for 10 years. Chair: Lucas Dixon



CHARTER: This committee is responsible for the external affairs and communications activities of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) including internal member and external community interactions, organizational outreach and organizational publications. This will include ASES Chapters, Technical Divisions, Members and Volunteers. The underlying goals are to ensure and assess the uniform messaging for the organization and its ability to have easy information exchange both internally and externally.  

The External Affairs and Communications Committee (EACC) (“The Committee”) serves the ASES Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to communicate the ASES vision and mission and activities in a way that builds, enhances and sustains a positive reputation for the organization. 

The Committee will reflect on the work and programs of ASES and expand outreach to targeted (trades, builders, emerging professionals) and general audiences (public, scientific community, industry). It will also enhance communications to the ASES membership. Committee leadership will have representation from both communications and publications areas. Co-Chairs: Wyldon Fishman and Karen Soares


Responsibilities: To maintain strong relationships between ASES and our Chapters. Chair: Carly Cipolla


Responsibilities: To enhance ASES Membership value and support ASES Membership and growth.


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