Renewable Energy Home Basics

Solar Hot Water Heating

solar hot water heater

In most parts of North America, the best bang for your solar energy buck is with domestic solar water heating (DSWH). Learn more

Solar Electric Systems


It’s a mature technology, first invented by Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel in 1839 and initially commercialized at Bell Labs in the 1950s. Learn more

Energy Efficiency Basics

American Solar Energy Society

If you want to offset $100 a month in utility bills, the right place to start is by looking at your current home. First, look at your heating bills. Learn more

Passive Solar Building

Design with natural energy flows can keep a house comfortable throughout the year. Learn more

Wind Basics

wind basics

It seems that everyone is interested in wind turbines, an intriguing technology that converts the kinetic energy in the moving wind to useful electricity. Learn more

Ground Source Heat and Cooling

Ground-source heat-pump (GSHP) heating and cooling, often called a geo-exchange or geothermal system, is an efficient way to keep a house comfortable. Learn more

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