ASES Webinar Series

ASES Webinar Series


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The ASES Webinar series will vary from technical content, to everyday information pertaining to solar and renewable energy, and ASES Programs like content from the National Solar Conference and the National Solar Tour!

ASES webinars will continue to be free but we will periodically offer paid workshops for our community.

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March ASES Webinar: Storytelling with Red Cloud Renewable

March 22, 2023 | 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Mountain Time 

Native Nations are sovereign Nations. Employing renewable energy on Indian reservations allows RCR to not only promote that, but live it. We are building new visions for tomorrow and for the 7th generation through solar application and education, solar advocacy, and solar warrior attitudes. Hear the story of how a Native-led renewable energy organization is supporting Mother Nature and bringing us back to harmony.

Red Cloud Renewable (RCR) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization based on the Pine Ridge Reservation in SD. RCR has provided renewable energy training to more than 1200 Native American students from more than 70 tribes. RCR accomplishments include manufacturing and/or installing more than 1,100 solar furnaces on 11 reservations and installing 25 kilowatts of solar energy for Kili Radio: The Voice of the Lakota Nation. Training takes place at the 10-acre Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center, solar training lab facility.

Perpetually Native-led non-profit on Pine Ridge Reservation.


To support our mission, we focus our efforts in the following areas: Weatherizing existing homes, Solar Technology, Sustainably Affordable and Energy Efficient Homes.

All with the 7th generation in our hearts.

John Red Cloud, Director of Development and Managing Director of Red Cloud Renewable, and Henry Red Cloud, Executive Director of Red Cloud Renewable 

April ASES Webinar: Stories from the South American Clean Energy Transition

April 26, 2023 | 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Mountain Time

After graduation from college I knew I wanted to work in clean energy and I was very interested in travel. While doing research for clean energy opportunities I found that much of what was being written on the topic was focused on the US, EU, and SouthEast Asia. I realized that South America, despite having exciting movement across the renewable economy, was not getting attention from US investors, businesses, or media. I therefore reached out to several publications about the possibility of traveling throughout South America, writing stories on the policies, entrepreneurs, and educators that were launching green energy across different countries.

This webinar will cover the lessons and opportunities I have found during my travels, and will dive into the promising future of South American renewables.

Otto Gunderson, Freelance Clean Energy Reporter

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