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We’re a small office on a big mission. At ASES, it’s all about the people who make it happen. Whether publishing Solar Today and Solar@Work or producing the National Solar Tour or National Solar Conference, these talented individuals cover the solar and renewable energy scene from coast to coast. Meet the ZEN intern team!

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement: ASES provides equal opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment. No person shall be discriminated against regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or any other category that is protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.
  • Carly Rixham

  • Executive Director

Carly Rixham

Carly Rixham is the Executive Director for American Solar Energy Society (ASES). She is the Editor, Publisher, and Art Director for Solar Today magazine. She received her Masters in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Colorado at Boulder where she researched microalgae for the production of biofuel. While studying in Boulder, Rixham served as Director of Arts and Sciences at CU Energy. Rixham also was a microbiologist at BioVantage Resources, culturing algae for bio-remediation of nutrients in wastewater. Prior to her renewable energy career, She taught Biology and Ecology at the university and high school levels, and worked in software development at Intuit. Rixham captained the University of Denver Pioneers Lacrosse team and coached for the University of Colorado (Go Buffs) Lacrosse Team. She enjoys travel, art, mountain sports, and nature.

  • Sarah Townes

  • Chief Financial Officer and ZEN Director

sarah townes

Sarah Townes has worked in music and finance in Boulder, CO since 1998, and was delighted to join the ASES team in 2016 to promote solar energy and sustainability in our beautiful world. Sarah enjoys working with the dynamic staff, and managing the finances for such a positive organization brings great job satisfaction. ASES’s large membership base and non-profit status  require full accountability and transparency in all its dealings financial and social, and it brings her pleasure to work in non-profit accounting in such a high integrity organization. Outside of ASES Sarah enjoys singing, teaching singing and performing, and her latest album is available for sale on iTunes. Favorite recreation includes hiking, relaxing by the fire at the St. Julien, and having fun with her family, both immediate and extended. She finds inspiration daily in her young son and his friends.

  • Carly Cipolla

  • Director of Engagement

Carly Cipolla

Carly Cipolla is the Director of Operations for the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). She is a 2017 graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies and minor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science with an emphasis in sustainability, renewable energy, and environmental justice. Prior to her joining the ASES team, Carly worked at the University of Colorado’s Environmental Center to further sustainability on campus as a Promotions and Outreach Associate. Since joining ASES as an intern in 2016, Carly has flourished into her current leadership position focusing on directing the annual National Solar Conference, managing staff, volunteers and interns, as well as focusing on general operations for the organization. She has planned the last four conferences and successfully developed and implemented ASES’ first ever virtual conference, SOLAR 20/20: Renewable Energy Vision in 2020 and ASES’s first ever hybrid conference in 2021. Realizing the success and potential of the virtual and hybrid events, she plans to add an online component to every ASES conference in the future to allow attendees to gather from all over the world. Carly is focused on expanding the reach of ASES and their programs, and has even started a program, the ASES Webinar Series in 2019. She has most recently implemented an online community platform for ASES membership of 20,000+ members, chapters and staff/board of directors. The platform is a place for the ASES community to gather, network and share information and events. She is looking forward to continued growth and success with ASES.

  • Sunshine Urbaniak

  • Creative Director/Webmaster

sunshine urbaniak

Sunshine joined ASES in 2017 and serves as Creative Director and Webmaster, ensuring brand guidelines are consistent across all marketing collateral, including Solar Today magazine and ases.org. With more than 22 years in graphic design communication, she has given a unique voice to numerous businesses through her passionate, creative design services including brand identity, print, web and interactive.

  • Jane Pulaski

  • Editor-in-Chief of Solar Today Magazine

Jane Pulaski

Jane Pulaski, recovering English major from the University of Texas at Austin, is editor-in-chief of Solar Today magazine. Before joining the ASES family, she was the clean energy communications specialist at The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) where for more than two decades she had the great good fortune to work alongside some of the most progressive thinkers in the clean energy space. Beginning in 2020, she signed on to help the Texas ASES chapter, the Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES) with communications and marketing and remains its director of communications. Having read Solar Today for decades, Jane is committed to safeguarding the magazine’s time-honored reputation as an avid steward of networked knowledge, intellectual diversity and deep research traditions intent on boldly influencing the future. Trained as a baker, Jane takes refuge in her Austin kitchen for therapy. 

  • Anna Bybee

  • Operations Assistant

Anna Bybee is the newest ASES employee working on operations, intern program management,  the National Solar Conference and membership at the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). She recently graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado Boulder. Anna is from Colorado and has a deep respect for the surrounding environment. She found her passion for environmental justice during undergrad, and hopes her career can emphasize the importance of ensuring a safe and sustainable environment for everyone. During her free time she enjoys playing soccer, painting, and camping! Anna is excited to gain experience and advocate for a renewable energy future on the ASES team. 

  • Lauren Reddington

  • National Solar Tour Director

Lauren Reddington is a 2021 environmental studies and pre-law graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder. She was initially selected as an intern for the Zero Emissions Network (ZEN), a program of ASES in the spring of 2021. She was quickly promoted to the role of Operations Manager. Lauren feels fortunate to now lead the ZEN intern team and feels inspired by the sustainability work that is being accomplished. Most recently, she was also appointed to assist Sarah Townes with managing the finances for ASES, as well as, creating content for events. She is delighted for the opportunity to continue to learn from board members and write grant proposals, further design carbon offset projects for the Boulder community, and hone her environmental knowledge in an applied capacity. Lauren hopes to utilize her experiences with ASES and ZEN to better advocate for nonprofits in her future law career.

  • Phil Arndt

  • Business Development

Phil has over three decades in media sales, marketing and management. He has extensive experience with non-profit and renewable energy print and digital properties, including Green Manufacturer magazine, the Sustainability Manufacturing Network, Environmental Leader, Renewable publications in Brazil, India, China and Russia, Water Technology magazine, and Water Tech World.

Phil has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from University of Southern California. He is an active supporter of PetSmart charities, UNICEF, Freedom Guide Dogs, and Workshops for Warriors. Phil is pictured here with his son and daughter.

  • Remi Akinwonmi

  • Programs Associate Volunteer

Remi is a Programs Associate Intern at the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). He graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) in Nigeria with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has focused on renewable energy engineering, especially solar energy. As an undergraduate, Remi designed, installed and carried out performance evaluations on a photovoltaic water pumping system in FUNAAB community, as a way of advocating for the solar agenda in Nigerian communities where access to grid electricity is limited. At ASES, he hopes to better understand the solar energy industry and to help the society in the transition to renewable energy and sustainable living future. Remi was born and raised in Nigeria, in his free time, he enjoys reading classic literature and listening to music.

  • Ella Nielsen

  • Online Community & Membership Volunteer

Ella Nielsen is the Online Community and Membership intern and currently works as a Fiber Engineer at Zayo Group in Boulder, CO. Solar Energy sparked her interest when she interned at a local solar energy nonprofit in Tanzania when she was in college. During her internship, she completed a report on the impact of rural electrification and its effects on women in East Africa. After studying abroad, she did a summer internship at the US Department of Energy under their Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office, focusing on rural energy in the United States. In her free time, she enjoys climbing, skiing, and hiking around the Rocky Mountains. Ella is really excited to understand the solar energy industry more and learn about the inner workings of a nonprofit organization.
  • Kate Huun

  • Social Media Intern

Kate is a Social Media Intern at the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). She is currently a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder earning a degree in Environmental Studies and Sociology. In addition to her internship at ASES, Kate does Zero Waste Outreach work at the CU Environmental Center. Her interest in Solar began her senior year of high school when she participated in a solar installation on the homes of two Veterans living on the Pine Ridge Native American Reservation. Kate believes that Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is a key element in the transition to a more sustainable society. In her free time, Kate enjoys riding horses, backpacking, climbing, and skiing!
  • Sneha Raghuram

  • Data Analyst

Sneha is a Data Analyst and Technical Divisions Intern at the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), from Chennai, India. She is currently in her sophomore year at University of California, Los Angeles pursuing a degree in Computer Science. In addition to problem solving, she is passionate about renewable energy and the environment, and eventually wants to explore careers at the intersection of technology and sustainability. As part of her past interning experience, she has conducted market study and filed grant applications for a start-up that introduced a more efficient app-based water transport system. She also conducted an independent research study that used data analysis and industry standard formulae to calculate the efficacy of rainwater structures in her neighborhood. In her spare time, Sneha has been an assistant dance instructor and played for her school’s basketball team. She also enjoys spending time with her cats and reading about history and fiction.

  • Lily Geiser

  • Data Analyst

Lily is a Data Analyst & Technical Divisions Intern at the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). She is a current sophomore student at Georgetown University in Washington, DC studying Mathematics. Lily is originally from the Greater Cincinnati area in Ohio, and has always had a passion for wildlife conservation and sustainable development. In her free time, she enjoys reading and rewatching old Marvel movies.
  • Brynne O'Connor

  • Programs Associate

Welcome one of the newest members of the American Solar Energy Society team. This is Brynne O’Connor, she will be working as the Program Associate Intern, performing tasks to aid both the Solar Energy 2022 Conference and the Solar Energy Tour. Brynne was fortunate enough to graduate in person from St. Lawrence University in April 2021. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Public Health. During her time at St. Lawrence, Brynne was able to participate in a wide breadth of environmental management and energy efficiency courses which she hopes to apply toward her position with ASES. Brynne is a Massachusetts native, living just north of Boston where she enjoys engaging with her outdoor community. Some of the activities Brynne indulges in in her spare time includes, long walks with her hound Hobey, mountain biking, trail hiking, and summer time beach trips. Brynne’s environmental breakthrough began as a senior in high school when studying the detrimental effects of factory farming on all ecosystems. She possesses an eagerness to create meaningful change by influencing how others understand solar energy strategies that are less detrimental to the environment. Brynnes studies developed her love and passion for the environment and plans to capitalize on her opportunities with ASES to create a more sustainable community for all.

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