Strategic Plan

ASES Transformational Five-Year Strategic Plan

ASES Vision: A world equitably and sustainably transformed to 100% renewable energy.

ASES Mission Statement: ASES accelerates equitable solar adoption and universal sustainable living by educating and building community.

Since its beginnings in the 1950s, the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), a nonprofit, membership-driven organization of solar professionals and advocates, has helped bring solar technology from lab to market and has advanced solar policy, renewables education, financing, and public support. The events of 2020 – pandemic, extreme climate-related disasters, and socio-economic upheaval – have underscored the need for more aggressive action on many fronts related to climate change mitigation and equitable clean energy adoption. In response, ASES is focusing its efforts to address these pressing issues.

Over the next five years, ASES will interact with and inform a broader and more diverse cross-section of solar stakeholders including individuals, communities, businesses, local governments and other organizations with similar missions and values. To ensure that its community-building and educational activities have the greatest impact, ASES strives to strengthen these partnerships and develop a more committed and active base of dedicated staff, interns and volunteers.  

To achieve these goals, ASES has three major focus areas for 2021-2025:

  • Observation, integration, and dissemination of information and resources, particularly in the areas of policy best practices and technology innovation.     
  • Education and workforce development with special attention to providing resources to the knowledge base of professions influencing solar adoption and focused educational resources for emerging professionals.
  • Facilitation of solar adoption by individuals and communities by supporting the global expansion of sustainable solar power (PV and solar thermal). 

These efforts are being carried out through ASES’s programs (National Solar Conference, National Solar Tour, monthly webinar series, Zero Emissions Network, and Tiny Watts), publications (Solar Today, Solar@Work, and Eight-Minute Update), and working relationships through its Technical Divisions, Chapters, Student Chapters, and other partners.

Additionally, the events of the past year have highlighted the systemic injustice that impacts black and indigenous people and other people of color every day in our society. In response, ASES convened a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Task Force in October 2020 to enact a commitment to ensuring that the energy transformation we work toward is equitable, inclusive, and just and to advancing these values more broadly in the organization.

 The new ASES Online Community, launched in February 2021, will be an important asset for ASES’s work going forward. The platform gives ASES members the opportunity to explore, connect, engage, and learn with other members, Chapters, Divisions, and staff in an interactive community space. Our vision is a world equitably transformed to 100% renewable energy. Join ASES in working together to achieve this reality. 

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