ASES Events

Join us in the ASES Online Community, where we’ll have additional content, discussions, and information pertaining to ASES and partnering organizations’ events, as well as other industry events.

Events ASES is Hosting

28th Annual National Solar Tour
Virtual Sites Open Until January 15, 2024 | Online

SOLAR 2024: Connecting Technology & Policy 
May 20-23, 2024 | Washington, D.C. & Virtually

29th Annual National Solar Tour
October 4-6, 2024 | In-Person & Online

Events ASES Is Supporting:

RE+ Northeast
February 13-14, 2024 | Boston, MA

American Clean Power’s Operations, Maintenance and Safety Conference
February 21-23 | San Diego, CA

GridTECH Connect Forum
February 26, 2024 | Orlando, FL

2024 Solar Power and Energy Storage Mountain West
February 26-28, 2024 | Denver, CO

American Clean Power’s Siting & Permitting Conference
March 11-13 | Colorado Springs, CO

RE+ Northern California
March 12-13, 2024 | Santa Clara, CA

The Distributed Energy Show
March 13-14, 2024 | Telford, UK

BuildingEnergy Boston
March 19-20 | Boston, MA

24th Transmission & Distribution Summit 2024
April 8-9 | Boston, MA

Clean Power On the Hill
April 9-10 | Washington, D.C.

RE+ Southeast
April 17-18, 2024 | Atlanta, GA

Microgrid Knowledge 2024
April 22-24, 2024 | Baltimore, MD

NorCal Solar ASES Chapter 50th Birthday Party
April 26, 2024 | Oakland, CA

3rd annual Large Scale Solar USA Summit 
May 1-2, 2024 | Dallas, TX

May 6-9, 2024 | Minneapolis, MN

RE+ Texas
May 14-15, 2024 | Houston, TX

Clean Energy Security & Reliability Forum
May 15-16, 2024 | Houston, TX

AgriVoltaics Conference 2024
June 11 – 13, 2024 | Denver, CO

GridTECH Connect Forum – California
June 24-26, 2024, Newport Beach, CA

 NEW: Energy Storage Conference
June 26 – 28 | Portland, OR

RE+ Mid-Atlantic
July 18 – 19, 2024 | Philadelphia, PA

Sept 9 – 12, 2024 | Anaheim, CA

October 28 – 30 | Atlantic City, NJ

Ongoing Webinars & Trainings that ASES Is Supporting:

  • Illinois Solar Education Association Webinars
    The ISEA Events Calendar provides information about events, courses, conferences, and workshops offered by the ISEA as well as other organizations related to solar, wind, and other forms of renewable energy.

  • SEI: Learn the Basics of Renewables
    Whether you are new to the solar industry, looking to make a career change, or just wanting to learn more about renewable energy, Solar Energy International’s FREE Introduction to Renewable Energy (RE100) course is the perfect place to start. Sign up anytime and learn at your own pace!

HeatSpring offers certification and training for professionals in clean technologies like solar and heat pumps.  Their online courses are in-depth, challenging, and transformative. They provide professionals with the knowledge and real-world skills they need to continue making a positive change in the world. They do this by working with industry experts to develop and teach top-notch curricula, continuously updating their online platform to make learning and teaching convenient and intuitive, and forging long-lasting relationships with leading companies and people in the clean energy and sustainability spheres to connect with the best students and experts.


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