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SOLAR 2024 Conference Proceedings (coming in October 2024)

Connecting Technology & Policy

May 20-23, 2024
George Washington University | Washington, D.C
(Third Floor: 800 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the American Solar Energy Society’s 53rd National Solar Conference on May 20-23! We are overflowing with gratitude. Scroll down to see our urgent call to action!

Urgent Call to Action

Presentations from SOLAR 2024:

Tuesday, May 21

Integrated Assessments Session

Triple Effect Economics: How do electric vehicles, solar photovoltaics, and work-from-home transform household electricity cost?
Shivam Sharda, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Methods to assess carbon payback times of utility PV systems in the United States
Brittany Smith, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Optimal Renewable Energy Portfolio for Electricity in 2050 ~ U.S. Lowest Carbon Emissions
Rahim Khoie, Ph.D., University of the Pacific

Firm-Dispatchable Power and its Requirement in a Power System based on Variable Generation
Stephen Clark, Stellenbosch University

Maximizing DPV Hosting Capacity with Regional Firm VRE Power
Marc Perez, Richard Perez, Jan Remund & Marco Pierro

Grids and Communities

Reimagining the Energy Landscape, Battery Storage for a Resilient Future
Ben Glenzer, Solar Solutions For All, LLC

The Practical Implementation of Distributed Solar CHP With Thermal and EV Battery Storage for Schools
Steven B. Smiley, Smiley Energy Services, LLC

Renewables in recent and future heat waves
Nir Y. Krakauer, Department of Civil Engineering The City College of New York

Technology Innovations

Best Practices with Checks and Balances for Solar Thermal Systems
Henry Vandermark

Experimental study of ambient dusts and installment orientation’s effects on solar panel efficiency and strategies of improvement
April X. Si Ph D, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, California Baptist University

Poster Session 1

Predicting Weather Dependent Energy Savings
Phillip Clayton, University of Dayton

High-elevation Off-grid Solar Residence in Colorado
Dave Renne, Dave Renne Renewables

Exploring the Impact of Spatial Factors on Circadian Daylight Distribution
Neda Ghaeili, Penn State University

Solar Energy Potential and Integration in Alabama Residential Buildings: A Photovoltaic System Feasibility Study
Qiuhua Duan, University of Alabama

Evaluation of Retrofit Passive Solar for Emergencies
Martin Smallen, Retired

A Strategic Review and Framework for Quantifying Building Thermal Resilience in Response to Climate Change
Yanxiao Feng, New Jersey Institute of Technology


  1. Why Attend SOLAR 2024?
  2. Who Attends?
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Why Attend SOLAR 2024?
The National Solar Conference is America’s leading conference on the emerging trends, technology, and opportunities shaping the new energy economy. The American Solar Energy Society’s cutting-edge conference series introduces attendees to the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs moving the industry forward. With the solar energy and energy efficiency sectors changing at an unprecedented pace, this conference helps participants understand the changes and uncover the billion-dollar opportunities. ASES supports the global energy transformation and believes a world equitably transformed to 100% renewable energy is an urgent necessity.

Through the ASES national solar conference, “SOLAR 2024: Connecting Technology & Policy,” we will elevate public, institutional, and governmental awareness of the critical role solar energy is playing in the global energy landscape. We must ensure that access to and the benefits from clean energy will be enjoyed by all communities, especially those that have been denied those benefits in the past. SOLAR 2024 will promote ASES’ overall goal to “accelerate equitable solar adoption and universal sustainable living by educating and building community.” The conference will focus on research models, examples, and tools for negotiating the challenges to advancing renewables by following justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) principles.

Are you a student? Learn why students should attend SOLAR 2024!

Who Attends? 
Over the last 52 years, thousands of professionals from public-, private-, and industrial-sector organizations have attended the ASES national solar conferences. Attendees include educators, contractors, developers, architects, engineers, installers, consultants, homeowners, policymakers, researchers, manufacturers, students, and solar enthusiasts.

Plenary Speaker Spotlights 

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Sponsorship opportunities
Sponsorships and exhibit booths are now available for SOLAR 2024. Make your mark and get in front of your audience early and often. Visit for details and contact to sponsor.

Speaker Opportunities:
All SOLAR 2024 speakers have the opportunity to publish their work as an article or extended abstract in the SOLAR 2024 proceedings. The deadline to submit your draft paper (750 to 3,000 words) for the conference proceedings is June 7. We encourage you to contribute to our proceedings and help ASES advance solar research and scholarship!

We will be publishing the proceedings through The proceedings will be available for free (open access) electronically and will be marketed to libraries and bookstores. All of the papers will be assigned DOIs. For peer review, we use a double-blind process for reviewing papers in which the reviewers and authors do not know one another’s names. Reviewers indicate that they accept a paper, reject it, or would consider it with revisions.

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