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  1. Must Know
  2. Getting Around
  3. Activities
  4. Food/Drink
  5. Entertainment/Shopping
  6. Map of Campus & Conference Rooms

Must Know:

Here is a map to the UMC. The conference will be in the Glenn Miller Ballroom and the Aspen Rooms (Aspen 285 and 287). 



  • Boulder vibe: Outdoorsy, craft/local, environment-focused, forward-thinking, artsy, hip.
  • Weather: Boulder in the summer can get very hot and is always a low-humidity environment. Hats, sunscreen, and lots of water are highly recommended/required! Also, be aware of the afternoon thunderstorms.
  • You are over a mile high at 5,328’ elevation. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself a little breathless.
  • Check out Visit Boulder’s Welcome to Boulder YouTube Video!

Getting Around:

It is not at all necessary to have a car.  Transportation to/from Denver International Airport (DIA) and other Denver metro locations is readily available. Once in Boulder, bikes and walking are the way to go.

  • Conference location: Glenn Miller Ballroom, located in the University Memorial Center (UMC) on the campus of the University of Colorado, Boulder. Address: 1669 Euclid Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302
  • Map: Where am I? Not sure? The mountains are to the west. From CU campus/ballroom, Pearl Street (pedestrian mall, popular for dining/shopping/etc.) is to the north and runs E/W. Baseline Road is to the south of campus and runs E/W. That’s it!
  • Downtown Boulder Visitor Map 
Transportation Options:



  • Bike rules in Boulder. There is a safe biking route to just about anywhere in and around Boulder. On foot is good too. Cars are the worst! Avoid them as much as possible. Boulder Bike Trails
  • Need a bike? Check with your hotel, many have a fleet of bikes available for you to use.  If not, B-Cycle is the way to go: Boulder BCycle. Alternatively, many bike shops rent bikes.
  • Best bike trail in Boulder: Head west on the Boulder Creek Bike path for beautiful scenery
    Boulder Canyon Trail – Boulder County


  • Boulder is very pedestrian-friendly. There are multi-use trails everywhere as well as safe sidewalks.  Use crosswalks; for your own safety, do not walk in the road.
    Boulder Bike and Pedestrian Map

Rideshare Options

  • Uber and Lyft Smartphone Apps



  • As mentioned above, the best bike trail is the Boulder Creek Bike path. Head west for beautiful scenery
    Boulder Canyon Trail – Boulder County
  • Have more time and want to explore further on a hybrid/gravel bike?  Try the Boulder/Longmont (LOBO) trail Longmont-to-Boulder LoBo Regional Trail – Boulder County.  The trail is part paved, part gravel with only gentle hills. NOTE: You may need good navigation skills at certain sections.
  • How about mountain biking? Many bike shops allow you to rent them demo bikes.  Here are a few we recommend:
  1. Sports Garage Phone: (303) 473-0033
  2. Specialized Experience Center | Boulder, Colorado Phone: (720) 647-3030
  3. University Bicycles | Boulder Phone: (303) 444-4196
  4. Full Cycle | Oldest Bike Shop in Boulder, CO Phone: (303) 440-1002

Where to Mountain Bike

  1. Mountain Bike Trails near Marshall Mesa
  2. Marshall Mesa/Doudy Draw/Flatirons Vista Mountain Biking Trails
  3. Boulder Valley Ranch Trailhead
  4. Super Betasso Mountain Bike Trail, Boulder, Colorado
  5. Hall Ranch (Experienced Riders Only) Boulder Mountain Biking Trails (


  • The Boulder Flatirons: Chautauqua Park has many trail options. Bike or take the free shuttle Free Chautauqua Shuttle.  Consider the 4-mile hike to Royal Arch for beautiful views of Boulder Royal Arch Trail.
  • Bear Peak: This peak can be reached from several different trailheads. NCAR is often used for parking convenience:  Bear Peak via NCAR This hike is 6.2 miles with almost 3,000 feet of elevation. This is considered a more difficult trail, but if you have a few hours (~4) or the better part of a day, the views are worth it!
  • Mount Sanitas and Sanitas Valley Loop Trail This hike is 3.5 miles, 1,300 feet of elevation. A moderate-difficulty trail.

Other Activities



Coffee and Breakfast

Cafes and Lunch Eateries



Entertainment & Shopping:


  1. Colorado Shakespeare Festival | CU Presents
  2. Outdoor music at Pearl Street Bands on the Bricks


  1. Neptune Mountaineering | Boulder’s Locally Owned Mountain Shop
  2. An everything store | McGuckin Hardware
  3. Pearl Street Mall

Map of Campus & Conference Rooms:

SOLAR 2023 will be held at the Glenn Miller Ballroom, located in the University Memorial Center (UMC) on the campus of the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Parking is recommended at the Euclid Street Auto Park. Turn East onto Euclid Avenue from Broadway. The first building on the right or north side of the street is the University Memorial Building and the Glenn Miller Ballroom is located just inside the main doors. The Euclid Parking Garage the underneath very next building on the north (left). The bottom level is never full. You have the option to pay by phone or at the machines on each level in this lot.

Drive, Bus, Bike, Walk to Boulder:

Here is a map to the UMC. The conference will be in the Glenn Miller Ballroom and the Aspen Rooms (Aspen 285 and 287). 



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