We’re all in the same boat

You have likely been bombarded with
news about COVID-19 in the past few
weeks. It is an uncertain and
destabilizing time right now, and we
hope you and your loved ones are
safe and healthy. For some of us it is
a pause button “amid the noise and
haste” (in the words of Max Erhmann’s
poem, “Desiderata”), and for others it
is an economic, social, or personal
catastrophe. Many have lost their jobs,
their retirement savings, and even
their loved ones. We are saddened
by so many losses. It is time for us to
come together (virtually) and partner
in new ways to be part of the solution.

Many of you are wondering about
SOLAR 20/20. It is set for June 24-25 as
virtual conference that will be
dynamic and engaging.

It will knock your socks off.

In the meantime, ASES has put
together a Solar Energy Workbook
for students and teachers to use, especially
for online learning. Check out our new
monthly webinar series. If you are
interested in professional training,
here’s a great installer certification
that’s free for you.

We have also created an
online community forum (ases.
site-ym.com/forums) for members
to share their personal experiences
during the pandemic. We all have a
story to tell. In the meantime, please
stay safe and healthy, and don’t forget
to wash your hands.
With people not commuting, traveling,
or polluting as much, global carbon
emissions have dropped since the
outbreak began.
Parts of China are seeing blue skies
for the first time in a very long time
with factories shut down. At the same
time however, climate action is as
important as ever. And with the rising
tide, we are all in the same boat.
As we are practicing social distancing,
we have time to remember what is
really important: connection with
families and our immediate communities,
global unity, self-reflection, the
environment. Although the virus has
crushed the economy, it is a re-set
that can help us to live a simpler life.
Get out there and take a walk! In a
way we are more connected than
ever as we share this global crisis.

Carly Rixham,
ASES Executive Director

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