Solar TodaySolar Today magazine is a quarterly publication that delivers information on lifestyle trends, technology and analysis to the sustainability community. It’s accompanied by two special issues that coincide with the National Solar Conference and National Solar Tour for a total of six issues per year.

The print magazine was founded in 1987 to spur the growth of the solar and renewable energy industry, and to connect the people and businesses interested in solar. Today, print and digital editions continue to bring these communities together to deliver multiple perspectives and arrive at better solutions for a better quality of life.

Education and community are catalysts for change.

Our readers are busy people–citizens, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, solar companies, and more. They appreciate Solar Today for its engaging articles, cutting-edge research and analysis, and aggregated information about renewable energy and sustainable living. Join the discussion in the ASES Online Community! We deliver unbiased, fact-based news and information in an easy-to-read format. We connect readers in the solar and sustainability community through print and digital editions to affect change across demographics,

  • Quarterly issues published seasonally
  • Two special issues including the ASES National Solar Tour Guide and National Solar Conference Program
  • Unbiased news and information in every issue
  • Engaging articles on topics including sustainable living, design, trends and technology, community, business, science, research, policy and more
  • Print and digital formats
  • Special member pricing
  • ASES social media communities on Facebook and Twitter
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