Valentin Updates PV*SOL Software and Releases App on iOS

PV*SOL premium’s terrain view of a PV system with shading objects

Valentin Software has updated its design software—PV*SOL and PV*SOL premium—to reflect the latest developments in the market.

The software is now equipped with its own new mathematical model for lithium-ion batteries, which enables the precise simulation of storage systems with lithium-iron-phosphate and lithium-nickel-oxide batteries.

In addition, to help meet current PV system requirements, PV*SOL can now calculate the behavior of 70% power-clipping, inverter oversizing, and the interaction of PV systems with storage. This simulation is possible because it can now be optionally performed with minute values, rather than hourly values. Calculations with hourly values, which were usual up to now, are no longer accurate enough for the new requirements, according to the company.

Valentin has also extended its free PV*SOL app—previously available for Android operating systems—to iOS. The app supports homeowners and system designers in making PV system decisions. Using the app, the orientation and inclination of a roof can be measured using the sensors in the smartphone, or typed in. The smartphone also automatically determines the location of the PV system via the GPS receiver, and displays the location on a map—or any location in the world can be entered manually. With the climate data for the location and the characteristics determined for the PV system, the expected annual yield of the system can be calculated using a detailed hourly simulation. The simulation uses the PV*SOL calculation model to determine (from the results) the system quality and yield.

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