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The Solar Schoolhouse is a K-12 energy education program developed by the Rahus Institute in 2001. The program introduces students to the concepts of solar energy in a fun, intriguing, and meaningful way. Using hands-on, project-based teaching tools, the program seeks to raise the energy literacy in schools throughout the country by educating students about solar and renewable energy, energy resource conservation, and other energy topics.

The central theme of the program is teaching about solar energy by developing a personal connection to our homes.

With every home a potential solar collector, learning about solar energy becomes an exercise in discovering and understanding how our homes can capture sunlight to provide heating, cooling, lighting, cooking, and power for our daily lives.

Check out this short video about their recent Solar Discovery Faire.

Check out this short video about the many uses of solar cells.

Learn more about solar schoolhouse’s projects here.


Phocos is a world leading manufacturer of solar-powered charge controllers and various components for off-grid power supplies. Our product spectrum is wide, ranging from charge controllers to lighting systems to DC appliances such as refrigerators and freezers. The products developed and produced by Phocos are eco-friendly, energy-saving, and the perfect solution for off-grid solar energy systems.

Phocos’ passion is off-grid solar. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, off-grid power solutions that maximize system reliability and minimize total cost of ownership.

Phocos’ roots are in extensive research. In the mid-1980’s, engineers in Germany at Ulm University of Applied Sciences developed new technologies for charge controllers. In 2000, some of these researchers took their research and founded Phocos. To this day, Phocos maintains a close relationship with Ulm University of Applied Sciences in the field of off-grid power supply.

Learn more about Phocos’s off grid solar solutions.

We want to be the innovative leader in providing high efficiency, cost-effective, point-of-use, integrated solar energy systems.

California Sunlight Corporation develops, designs, and commercializes high-efficiency and cost-effective integrated solar energy systems. Using its patented and patent pending technologies, California Sunlight offers a new breed of solar energy systems for your personal and business needs, including solar charging, solar lighting, solar electricity generation, and solar cooking. The core of our technologies is integration. That is to integrate sunlight collection, energy conversion, energy storage, and energy use into one unit. All units are connected into minigrids, small grids, local grids, regional grids, and eventually the whole power grid. California Sunlight Corporation is a privately-held company with headquarters in the Sacramento Power Inn district, CA.

Learn more about California Sunlight’s integrated solar energy systems.

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