Sun Trip 2022: Solar Bike Adventure

By Jack Martin

The Sun Trip will happen May 7, 2022, going from the Bay area of California through 21 states and the areas of 24 ASES chapters.  From the northwest to Colorado to North Carolina to Washington DC, New York City, and ending in Boston, more than 20 entries hope to make the entire distance.  The trip will be divided into stages and people may do smaller bits of travel.  Sun Trip is a decade-year-old run, typically following the Tour de France on odd years and traveling from Lyon, France to Japan or China on even years.

The Sun Trip North America will allow some participants to circle the world!

These cycles, with electric assist powered by the sun, show what can be done with 1100 watts of battery.

The 2021 Sun Trip is just ending. See websites:

Video: 3 min

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