Sungrow Canada Unveils Inverters, Combiner Box

SungrowSungrow Canada has released new products including a 30-kilowatt string inverter, 800-kW central inverter and 16 string combiner box with string-level monitoring.

The UL-listed and CSA-certified SG30KU/ SG36KU 30-kW and 36-kW 3-phase string inverters feature 98 percent CEC efficiency.

The SG750MX/800MX inverters boast 98.5 percent CEC efficiency as well as 1,000-volt DC input, LVRT, HVRT, FRT, power curtailment and IGBT unit slide-n-swap technology for easy maintenance in harsh outdoor environments. The SunBox PVS-16M-US combiner box, which was specially designed for the North American market, includes arc-fault detection and a string-level monitoring option.

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