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Proceedings from SOLAR 20/20: Renewable Energy Vision

SOLAR 20/20: Renewable Energy Vision

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Recordings from SOLAR 20/20: Renewable Energy Vision

Presentations from SOLAR 20/20: Renewable Energy Vision

Wednesday Sessions

Stronger Together Town Hall

Kelly Lynch
Senior Campaign Representative, Sierra Club

Becca Jones-Albertus
Solar Energy Technologies Office Director, Department of Energy

Ari Bortman
Campus Organizer and Inter-Campus Coordinator, Fossil Free Penn

Larry Sherwood
President and CEO, Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Emma Searson
Director of 100% Renewable Campaign, Environment America

Keynote: Clear Vision for Worldwide Action

Scott Sklar
SOLAR 20/20 Conference Chair

Dave Renné
Immediate Past President of the International Solar Energy Society

Policy Track: National and International

Seth Kirshenberg
Federal Purchasing and the Growth of Solar Power

Larry Sherwood
How do Distributed Energy Resources fit into 100% Clean Energy Goals

Carlton (Sandy) Thomas
Solar Hydrogen

Robert Foster

Education Session

John Essig
The International Clean Energy Corps™ — Creating a Global Taskforce to Tackle Climate Change

Johnny Weiss
Global Solar Training Programs for Technicians

Julian Wang
Establishing Cross-disciplinary Solar Buildings Education

Khaled Mansy
Carbon Footprint in the Design Studio, a Paradigm Shift

Lyra Rakusin
Professional to Academic Pathways to Renewable Energy

Susan Schleith
EnergyWhiz: Where Students Shine and Solar Reigns

~switch Presentations ft. Solar Decathletes

Anita Ledbetter
Solar in San Antonio – Bridging the gap to Carbon Neutral

Annie Wolf
National Solar Tour 2020: Expanding on Tradition

Kaycee Chang
ASES Student Chapter Showcase

Eric Weber
Solar Decathlon Build Challenge 2020, Team Las Vegas

Arnoud Draijer
Solar Decathlon Build Challenge 2020, Team Netherlands

Policy Track: Local and State

Damian Pitt
Economic Benefits and Political Challenges for Distributed Solar in Virginia

David Comis
Resiliency Hubs in Maryland

Steven Smiley
Practical Implementation of a 10 Year 100% Renewable Energy Community Plan

Rachel Smucker
Assessing the Benefits of Distributed Solar in Virginia

Roma Stibravy
Converting a decommissioned power plant into a solar array

Rahim Khoie
Zero Emission Network: A CO2 Kiosk Display

Finance Track: Clean Energy Financing

Bill Hagy
Federal Financial Assistance Supporting Renewable Energy Development

Blake Jones
Clean Energy Credit Union

Lori Bird
Pairing Electric Vehicles with Renewables for a Greener Grid

Marc Perez
Renewable futures across the MISO region: Pathways to 100% across the middle third of the US

Michael Stavy
Making Hydrogen Energy Storage Ready for Prime Time on the North American Grid. A Guide for Bankers and Investors.

Sara Gutterman
Essential Market Trends To Grow your Business!

Poster Session

Fahia Munna
Effect of Zinc doping on the optoelectronic properties of CdS thin films deposited by chemical bath deposition by utilizing an alternative Sulfur precursor

Hyon Rah
How Can Utility-Scale Solar Development Benefit Rural Communities?, Historic preservation as means to scale up solar energy development

Hyon Rah
Historic Preservation As Means To Scale Up Solar Energy Development

Jennifer Kulp
Solar For All Documentary #DCSolarStories

Shelley Cohen
100% Renewable by 2032: How DC is Using Solar to meet Ambitious Goals

Jesse Duroha
Occupational Risks Associated with Solar Installations: A Review

Mauricio Almeida-Pinto
Assessment of carbon payback time of photovoltaic system considering the Brazilian solar irradiance variation

Nan Wang
Conceptual Model of Sunlight Effects on Occupant’s Thermal Response in Healthcare Facilities

Paarth Gupta

Rahim Khoie
Forecasting Carbon Emissions in Seven Eastern States of the United States; The Effects of Coal Deregulation

Scott Stibrich
DC Solar Inspections

Teh Lai
Micro-mobility and Renewable Energy

Thomas Bartholomew
Using Existing Administrative Data and Processes to Speed Low-Income Solar Subscriber Uptake

Thomas Dietz
Building a Zero Energy Home

William Young
Emergency Power for all Disasters

Yacob Hiben
Comparative Study of Models for Estimating Daily and Hourly Solar Radiation: Sunshine Duration and Ground Radiation in Mekelle, Ethiopia

Thursday Sessions

Keynote: Citizens Action Kickoff

Daniel Bresette
Executive Director of the Environmental and Energy Study Institute

Steve Nadel
Executive Director of ACEEE

Women in Solar Energy (WISE) Forum

Kaitlyn Bunker, Ph.D., P.E.
Principal at the Rocky Mountain Institute

Marta Victoria
Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University

Citizens Action Session: Policymaker Interaction Forum

Lynn Abramson
Clean Energy Business Network

Ruth McCormick
The Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Technical Track: PV, Thermal, and Storage

Amelia Amon
Statistical Modeling of Near Infrared Solar Radiation for Building Simulation Use

Ash Ragheb
A Mitigation Framework for Dust Problems on PV Modules in the U.S. Climatic Zones

Everett Barber
Long Term Output Deterioration of Grid-Tied PV Systems

Gaylord olson
New Ways to Combine Solar Thermal with Geothermal

Jeff Cook
Cutting Permitting Red Tape with the SolarAPP

Qiuhua Duan
Statistical Modeling of Near Infrared Solar Radiation for Building Simulation Use

Zhenzhen Yu
Mitigation of Stress Relaxation Cracking in 347 Stainless Steel Welds

Technical Track: Systems and Buildings

Ehne Zhang
Solar-induced Optical Thermal Insulation by Spectral Selective Photothermal Coating on Building Windows

James Hall
A national database for solar resource assessment compiled from ground-based observations.

Mostafa Nazemi
The Role of Energy Supply Mobility on Resilience of Solar-Integrated Electric Distribution Grids

Nir Krakauer
Long-range predictability of fluctuations in solar and wind resources

Rahim Khoie
The Carbon Emissions of Wind Power; A Study of Emissions of Windmill in the Panhandle of Texas

Regin Schwaen
House in a House

ASES 2020 Annual Membership Meeting

Carly Rixham, Carly Cipolla, Narelle Kipple, Sarah Townes and Elaine Hebert
ASES Programs, Finance and Community Update

Jill Cliburn
What’s Our Super-Power? Results and Discussion of the ASES Member Survey

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