Schletter Inc. Announces New President and CEO, Dennis Brice An accomplished leader with a diverse management and finance background, Schletter Inc.’s new president and CEO offers progressive leadership for the company.

June 18, 2014 — Shelby, NC — Schletter Inc., a proven leader in solar mounting systems, announces the appointment of Dennis Brice as the company’s new president and chief executive officer for the North American Schletter Inc. division. Mr. Brice brings nearly 20 years of business acumen to Schletter gathered while working in leading global organizations. Most recently he served as Director and head of finance and program management with Talis Management Holding GmbH.

“I strongly believe that Dennis Brice will expand Schletter’s footprint, not only in the solar mounting industry, but in metal manufacturing as a whole,” said Mr. Ludwig Schletter, owner of Schletter GmbH and Schletter Inc. Mr. Schletter goes on to say that “over the past six years since we established the division in North America, our team has created a strong brand in the market—now it is time to expand into other market opportunities.”

“The Schletter Inc. family of employees has proven repeatedly its ingenuity in providing customers with state-of-the-art solar mounting system solutions, its versatility in adapting to challenging shifts in business and market conditions, and its steadfast commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services to customers. These are the hallmarks of a world class operation and constitute the solid foundation upon which the organization’s continuing success is based. It is my pleasure to lead this company in not only strengthening its competitive advantage in current markets, but also in engaging Schletter Inc.’s unique, market leading expertise in new fields of opportunity.”

Mr. Brice’s career has focused on aiding companies to realize their potential, enhance their value proposition, and bolster their profitability. He has guided companies into new venues and expanded market penetration by exploiting latent opportunities for new revenue streams, business combinations, and blue ocean start-up business models in countries such as Russia and China, among others.  Through a keen understanding of the complexities of organizations, Mr. Brice has fostered enterprise value growth by designing and executing comprehensive value chain developments, reorganizations, and realignments.

Mr. Brice has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

About Schletter Inc.

Schletter ( has designed, developed, and manufactured solar mounting products in the U.S. since 2008, while backed with more than 20-years of solar mounting experience from Schletter GmbH. Since opening its United States facility in Tucson, Arizona Schletter Inc. has manufactured more than 1 GW of installed PV mounting systems. Schletter Inc. offers products for roof mount and ground mount systems for residential, commercial, and utility scale photovoltaic systems. Schletter Inc. is an independent subsidiary of Schletter GmbH, which operates subsidiaries in eleven countries with more than 1,300 employees worldwide. For more information on Schletter Inc., please visit

Press Contact: Angela Kliever

VP, Marketing and Communications

Schletter Inc.

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