Rocket Dome Solar Water Heater Boasts Patented Technology

South Carolina-based K-CORSOLAR has introduced a unique solar water-heating system that uses no heating chemicals or antifreeze agents.

The Rocket Dome Solar Water Heater features solar thermal collectors certified by the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation as well as patented heating and insulating technology.

The 200-gallon polyurethane insulated storage tank has been tested to handle clean potable water in excess of 150°F (66°C), and tested to handle internal pressures of 130 psi.

Rocket Dome circulates and heats water via smart sensing technology, using a small pump located in the base of the dome.

The heated water flows into your home and through your existing water heater, where it is then sent throughout the home’s existing plumbing for washing, bathing, and cleaning—cutting your energy consumption and electric bill in the process.

Rocket Dome’s ground-mount technology allows users an alternate option if their roof isn’t ideal for traditional flat solar thermal panels. Rocket Dome is made in the United States, holds a 10-year warranty, and can usually be installed in one day.

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