RainWise Unveils Low Cost Solar Monitoring Weather Station

In an effort to provide an aggressively priced weather station to maximize best practice commercial solar installation monitoring systems, RainWise Inc. has introduced the latest addition to its family of PVmet products.

The compact, all-in-one PVmet-75 features the company’s silicon cell photodiode-based SR-100 pyranometer, which can be configured either for measuring plane-of-array (default) or global sun intensity.

While standard models come with both an ambient air temperature sensor and a single back-of-PV panel sensor, a second back-of-panel sensor can be purchased separately. The PVmet-75 is a state-of-the-art comprehensive monitoring system complete with highly compatible Modbus RS-485 output and SunSpec compatibility. The product is available to installers and distributors as well as original equipment manufacturers.


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