SOLAR 2010 Conference Proceedings

SOLAR 2010 Conference

Proceedings of 39th ASES Annual Conference
Proceedings of 35th National Passive Solar Conference
Proceedings of the 5th Renewable Energy Policy and Marketing

Phoenix, Arizona
Editor: R. Campbell-Howe
May 19-21, 2010


Advances in Satellite Assessment of Solar Radiation Technical Session

High Performance MSG Satellite Model for Operational Solar Energy Applications
T. Cebecauer and M. Suri, GeoModel s.r.o., Slovakia and R. Perez, ASRC, University at Albany

Near Real‐Time Global Radiation and Meteorology Web Services Available from NASA
W. Chandler, J. Hoell, D. Westberg, C. Whitlock and T. Zhang, Science Systems and Applications, Incorporated (SSAI) and P. Stackhouse Jr., NASA Langley Research Center

A Physical Method for Calculating Surface Radiation from Geostationary Satellites
M. Sengupta, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; A. Heidinger UW/CIMSS/NOAA; S. Miller, CIRA and D. Renne, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Improving the Performance of Satellite‐To‐Irradiance Models Using the Satellite’s Infrared Sensors
R. Perez, S. Kivalov, J. Schlemmer and K. Hemker, Jr., ASRC, University at Albany and A. Zelenka, MeteoSuisse, Switzerland

Evaluating Solar Resource Variability from Satellite and Ground‐Based Observations
M. Anderberg, D. Renne, T. Stoffel and M. Sengupta, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; R. Perez, ASRC, University at Albany and P. Stackhouse, NASA Langley Research Center

Characterization of Observed Trends in the Error of the SUNY Satellite Irradiance Model
A. Nottrott and J. Kleissl, University of California, San Diego

Applications of Appropriate Technology in Renewable Energy Technical Session

A Passive Solar Water Purification System for Remote Areas of Afghanistan
W. Duff, A. Clopper, K. Fagerston, A. Koski, A. Leak, R. Palenfro, L. Ruff, Z. Simpson, B. Smith and K. Ulrich, Colorado State University

Strengthening the Self‐Sufficiency of Poor Communities through Adopting the Construction And Utilization of Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heaters.
R. Berkowitz, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Developing a Hybrid Solar/Wind Powered Irrigation System For Crops In The Great Plains
B. Vick, USDA‐Agricultural Research Service Conservation and Production Research Laboratory

Simplified Method of Encapsulating Fragile PV Cells for Cottage Industry Production of Photovoltaic Modules
R. Komp and J. Burke, Maine Solar Energy Association; M. Perez and M. Perez, Grupo Fenix, Nicaragua; S. Kinne, Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Nicaragua and J. Noel and A. Georges, Enersa, Haiti

Solar Thermal Energy for Biodiesel Process Heating
D. Cagle, Clarendon College and B. Deaton

Applications of Solar Radiation for PV Technical Session

Quantifying the Variability in Solar PV Production Forecasts
S. Dean, DAI Management Consultants, Inc.

Validation of PV Performance Models Using Satellite‐Based Irradiance Measurements: A Case Study
J. Stein, Sandia National Laboratories; R. Perez, ASRC University at Albany and A. Parkins, Clean Power Research

Observed Impacts of Transient Clouds on Utility Scale PV Fields
A. Kankiewicz, WindLogics Inc.; M. Sengupta, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and D. Moon, WindLogics Inc.

Applications of Resource Assessment for Solar Energy
J. McCabe, ASES Fellow

Creative Innovations with Small Scale PV Technical Session

Methodology for Estimating the Rooftop Solar Feasibility on an Urban Scale
H. Bryan, H. Rallapalli, P. Rasmussen and G. Fowles, Arizona State University

An Integrated Design Approach to Optimize Photovoltaic Systems
A. Tartaglione, HT Solar

Integrative Photovoltaic Awnings in the Natural Fusion Home: Solar Decathlon 2009
J. Rayl and J. Brownson, The Pennsylvania State University

Evaluation of a Prototype Solar Awning
F. Vignola, P. Harlan, R. Kessler, and I. Elzeydi, University of Oregon; R. Simonton, Oregon University System and F. Mavromatakis, T.E.I. of Crete, Greece

Modeling Improved Behavior In Stand‐Alone PV Systems with Battery‐Ultracapacitor Hybrid Systems
C. Tammineedi and J. Brownson, The Pennsylvania State University and K. Leonard, SolRayo, Inc.

Solar PV Carousel Trackers for Building Flat Rooftops: Three Case Studies
L. Fraas, J. Avery, L. Minkin and H. Huang, JX Crystals Inc.; H. Schneider, Consultec and D. Larson, Consulting Engineering

Developments in Concentrating Solar Technical Session

Benefits of Metal Reflective Surfaces for Concentrating Solar Applications
S. Braendle, Alanod‐Solar, Germany

ReflecTech Mirror Film: Design Flexibility and Durability in Reflecting Solar Applications
M. DiGrazia, ReflecTech, Inc. and G. Jorgensen, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Pursuing Best Cost Solar Concentration
D. Simmers, A Better Focus Co.

Annual Performance Model of Concentrating Compound Parabolic Collector Integrated Photovoltaics
S. Sriwastava and J. Duffy, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Crustal Dynamics in California: Implications for Large‐Scale CSP Tower Systems
C. Ogaja, California State University, Fresno

Diverse Research Concepts for Advancing Solar Technologies Technical Session

Prototype Development and Testing of Inflatable Concentrating Solar Power Systems
M. Sankrithi and U. Sankrithi, RIC Enterprises

Optical Analysis and Comparison of Single‐Sided Absorber CPC (SSACPC) and Double‐Sided Absorber CPC (DSACPC) Collectors
D. Nchelatebe Nkwetta, M. Smyth, A. Zacharopoulos and T. Hyde, University of Ulster, United Kingdom

Twelve Year Evaluation of a Novel ICPC Solar Collector Installation: The Role of Failure Modes in Changing Optical and Thermal Performance
W. Duff and J. Daosukho, Colorado State University

Solar Cell Development Requires Effective Metrology: Recent Thermography Developments Can Help
C. Bainter, FLIR Systems, Inc.

Three‐Dimensional Mathematical Model of Time–Dependent Convection in Solar Energy Systems
R. Castro and J. Duffy, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Evolution of Large Scale PV Technical Session

Co‐Locating Wind and Solar Resources in a Constrained Transmission Environment*
S. Wiese and L. Long, Clean Energy Associates; L. Libby, Austin Energy and B. Ryan, Clean Energy Associates

Assessing Potential PV Deployment on New York City’s Network Distribution System
K. Anderson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Increasing PV System Performance with Active Power Management
P. Tsao, R. Muenster, S. Mah, M. Eaglin and S. Sarhan, National Semiconductor Corp.

On the Use of Optical Waveguides in Hybrid Photovoltaic Solar Thermal Energy Converters
S. Shepard, University of Central Florida

Wireless Technologies Provide Effective Data Communications to the Solar Power Industry
C. Lippincott, FreeWave Technologies, Inc.


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