Physical Scientist (Supervisor), Program Manager at the Department of Energy

EERE’s mission is to create and sustain American leadership in the global transition to a clean energy economy through high-impact research, development, and demonstration and by breaking down barriers to market entry. EERE helps the nation achieve greater energy efficiency and security, environmental health, and economic productivity, by exercising Federal leadership in developing policies, information, technologies, and collaborative partnerships with States, industry, and energy consumers that accelerate and expand the use of energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable transportation technologies and practices.

The mission of the Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) is to accelerate the development and large-scale deployment of solar technologies in the United States and to ensure that solar power is a viable and economic source for the Nation’s power needs. SETO’s near-term focus is to lead the SunShot initiative to reduce the cost of electricity from solar by 75%, making it competitive with conventional forms of generation by the end of the decade. Toward that end, SETO directs a balanced program of technology planning research, development, test, analysis, evaluation, and communication that will increase the viability of solar energy technologies, including photovoltaic and concentrated solar, power, as clean, competitive, reliable power options for use in end-use sectors of the economy. The Office reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Energy (DAS-RE).

Travel Required

Occasional Travel
2-3x/per month.

Relocation Authorized

Relocation or Recruitment Incentives may be paid

Key Requirements

You must be a United States Citizen.
This employer participates in the e-Verify program
See “Other Information” section regarding Selective Service requirements.


As a Supervisory Physical Scientist, you will:

  • Serve as a first-level supervisor, exercising technical and administrative supervision, over staff that provides scientific, engineering, technical, and administrative support to senior-level (SES) EERE office directors (hereinafter referred to as “office director” or “office directors”).
  • Manage organization and assigned programs; establish program objectives for the unit, based upon the overarching energy efficiency and renewable energy mission and functions of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and DOE and the input of: EERE office directors; EE front office management; subordinate, peer, and senior scientific and engineering staff of EE; State and local government partners; EERE contacts at other Federal agencies and with industry; Administration and Congressional representatives; and energy consumers and consumer groups.
  • Negotiate, coordinate, and integrate assigned mission and programs; serve as the senior manager for the mission, programs, and operations assigned to his/her unit.
  • Manage work performed by contract, in partnership with the Contracting Officer, determines work to be performed led by contract, including requirements and deliverable, assure that stipulated performance, cost, and scheduling objectives are met.
  • Supervise a staff of GS-15-level and below scientific, engineering, technical, and administrative employees.
  • Lead special multidisciplinary studies and analyses
  • Serve as lead EE/DOE spokesperson for assigned EERE programs.

Please visit the job posting at USAJOBS to view all details for this position.

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