Patriot Solar Group’s Spider ST™ Lowers Soft Costs for Commercial Solar Installations

Albion, MI – June 5, 2014 – Patriot Solar Group (PSG), a solar mounting systems manufacturer is seeing success with its most recently launched Spider ST™ roof mount system. The Spider ST™ is a polypropylene polymer-based roof mount for commercial flat roof applications and is quickly proving to be a market leader because of its unique cost saving features. 

unnamedAlthough mounting systems are defined as hardware costs, the Spider ST™ reduces soft costs, which account for a large percentage of installed system costs for roof-top solar projects.

Its “snap together” design requires zero tools for assembly and comes standard with integrated grounding – significantly lowering associated mechanical and electrical labor.  The design to build process is shortened due to zero roof penetrations and lighter roof loading because of its airfoil wind deflector design.

“Projects are getting financed quicker and more easily because of our extensive research data, wind tunnel testing and UL 2703 compliance – thus further reducing associated soft costs.” said Jeff Mathie, President of Patriot Solar Group, “Developers, building owners, roof manufacturers and financiers feel very comfortable using the Spider ST™ and we are seeing a stronger market acceptance towards polymer based materials for racking.”

About Patriot Solar Group

Patriot Solar Group, (PSG) is a solar mounting systems manufacturer located in Albion, MI.  PSG offers a wide range of fixed tilt ground and roof mount systems for residential, commercial and utility scale projects.  PSG also offers installation services for any size project in the U.S. including; site preparation and excavation, post installation, racking assembly and panel installation.  PSG has over 22 years of manufacturing expertise in satellite, antenna and solar industries with over 8 million systems delivered worldwide.  For more information about Patriot Solar Group, please visit:


Patriot Solar Group
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Senior Account Executive

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