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Leaf Running-rabbit

Leaf Running-rabbit Praying, Singing, and Drumming on top of Sugarloaf Mountain during April’s New Moon Ceremony 2020, Boulder, CO. Photo credit to Mr. Finn Bramlett.

By: Leaf Running-rabbit

Hello Solar Today readers! And welcome to Summer! That time of year of solar abundance! A Sun that is higher in the Sky! Daylight that is longer than long and more than enough! Welcome to the abundance of Life, regardless of epi-pandemics, despite fears and worries, and in complete defiance to any and everything that is contrary to Collective Consciousness, Higher Vibration, and Love! Yes, welcome to the Light!

We find ourselves at a time of Importance. These are days when it actually matters to decide upon those things and those actions that truly do matter. Are we invincible? Are our Lifeways sustainable? Do our actions and inactions have an impact on our future and our future generations? Will the Sun, the Rains, the Winds, and the Earth last forever? Does our Conscious Awareness, our Mindfulness, and our Presence really matter, and do they contribute to a better Life? Do we, as a collective and global Community and Humanity, need to take decisive action and make better decisions for the benefit of ourselves and our planet? Who knows?

I am reaching out here to the Solar Today reader and follower, knowing that you and I are helping to raise our levels of consciousness, that together we are stronger than alone, that through my writing, through your reading, and through our collective lifestyle choices we are helping one another to raise our levels of awareness. One of the great benefits of our being together is that we reinforce our best thoughts and the highest image of ourselves as we try to expand that image every day. With so many contributions, we need to continue making these actions part of our daily practices.

From my personal prayers and meditation practices today, I know that we have great hope; that it is always a new future that we seek; that we are expanding our awareness to escape the habits of our past; and that we have reason to be thankful!

I know that through every challenge a new future emerges. We are in a time of great uncertainty. We can no longer predict what the future holds, not even the near future of next week, or even tomorrow. As I feel it, “I am KNOWING” that this is a great opportunity–KNOWING that the more we envision a brighter future, the brighter it shall be.

Global Society is poised to new options, new opportunities. HUMANITY IS KNOWING that we are at a new place in Time. We have arrived at a new place in history. Things will be different than we have ever expected. This is an opportune time! We stand on the threshold of shedding old habits and creating new ones.

There are two forces that perpetuate us all: Love and Fear. I choose love and  I choose to perpetuate Love. I can raise my focus to Love and Hope in all things and perpetuate and create a new and better future.

Let us not forget the importance and value of living in Gratitude. Let us continue taking responsibility for our own Spiritual well-being. Let us not forget that we are Spirit, and that we are a vital part in the creation of the world we surround ourselves in. It is a very important time for all of us to reach inward and to focus on our own personal relationship with Source, whatever Name we give it. We have a very strong and important duty to do everything we can to raise our levels of Consciousness. Our collective pursuit of Source, our collective relationship with The Current of Well-Being, is more important than ever, not only for the Individual, but for the Collective Whole.

Thank you to Solar Today and its readership! You are helping to raise our collective level of consciousness, which is more important now than ever before. Thank you all for the work you do, the conscientious choices you make, the ways of sustainability in which you live and work and thrive, and for all of the Love you contribute to the World!

Peace to us All!

Leaf Running-rabbit

Instagram: @wildbe

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Intentional Evolution

Good Day, Humanity!

When I look around

at everything alive before me,

I see the vision of everything

that will continue living after me.

The Earth does not need us.

We need the Earth.

We also need each other.

Individualism is out.

Collectiveness is in,

Collective Unity Consciousness.

The ideas of

nationality, race, creed,

religion, country, culture,

even man or woman,

are to be secondary

or even non-existent,

in our New Value System.

That’s right.

We are crystallizing a New Value System.

A system that values

the Oneness of Global Humanity

as a Whole.

A system that values

our indigeneity to the Earth only,

every. single. human. being’s.

indigeneity to the Earth,

to The Elementals,

and NOT to blood, color,

race, culture, creed, or borders.

Money, wealth, and material things

will not be part of the New Value System.

Physical things,

including so-called human beauty,

will be way less valued

or not at all.

What will be valued

are the things of Heart,

Spirit, and Emotional Mind only, such as:




Unconditional Love,

Unconditional Happiness,




Togetherness, etc.

It will take Time and Chaos,

perhaps incredible catastrophe,

it will take Evolution.

My urging, then, and idea

is to take over the steering wheel

of this evolutionary process,

yes, to initiate

Intentional Evolution,

Guided Evolution,

Manifested Evolution.

It’s a Cosmic Idea, I do believe,

but honestly, we are Cosmic Beings.

Where does it say that Evolution

has to take geologic time?

That we cannot have

an intentional hand in it?

That Evolution

is outside of our mindful control?

Take a look

at what’s in front of you,

even from your own apartment or city street.

Now close your eyes,

and remember it doesn’t need you.

But I do.

And you need me.

We are One Human Family.

Wild be. 🍁

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