Metropolitan D.C. Tour of Solar & Green Homes

Landscaping can help to make a home more efficient.

Goedeke House | Laurel, Md. Metropolitan D.C. Tour of Solar & Green Homes

Over the years, the Goedekes have transformed their 1986 contemporary house into a low-impact but extremely enjoyable home.

The Goedekes have been working inside and out to make the house as sustainable as possible.

They started by carefully looking after and protecting their trees, which, with extensive use of ceiling fans and directed ventilation, provide almost all cooling, even during the hottest summers.

The erosion-prone lawn has been replaced with carefully contoured (and beautiful) gardens. With the addition of a 3-kW PV system and a solar water-heating system — installed by Greenspring Energy in 2012 and 2009, respectively, they are close to net-zero use of energy.

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