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May-June 14 CoverSOLAR TODAY

May-June 2014 Issue Now Online

Hello, SOLAR TODAY subscriber –

The May-June issue of SOLAR TODAY is now available. Click here to read it online.

 It’s our annual Transportation Issue, featuring:

  • Seventh Annual Efficient Cars Roundup
    • Sales of plug-ins and hybrids grew 21 percent in 2013, to 592,232 cars and light trucks. That’s 3.8 percent of the new car fleet. If ElectricDrive were a car company, it would rank eighth in U.S. sales!
  • Building a Fleet of Electric-Drive Cars
    • Steven Strong couldn’t wait for the big factories, so he built his own company fleet.
  • Biofuels Progress
    • As ethanol stalls, the military and airlines push hard for new biojet fuels. That means more biodiesel. Where will the feedstock grow?
  • Also:
    • Tesla Gigafactory foretells a boom in geothermal power. It’s all about the lithium.
    • Solar Net-Zero Elevator


Plus: 60 Years of Science: Prelude to the Embargo
Fossil fuels were cheap after World War II. Governments saw no reason to invest in clean energy. But nuclear power was a cold war propaganda weapon.

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