Mark Jacobson ASES Banquet Speaker Stanford professor lays out roadmap to 100% renewables


MarkJacobsonMark Jacobson, director of the Atmosphere and Energy Program at Stanford University, is the featured speaker at the American Solar Energy Society’s awards banquet, to be held Wednesday, July 9, at the 43rd National Solar Conference (SOLAR 2014), hosted by the American Solar Energy Society in San Francisco (July 6-10).

Dr. Jacobson will describe a plan to convert American electricity production to wind, water and solar. He co-authored an influential article on the subject in Scientific American (November, 2009), titled “A Plan to Power 100 Percent of the Planet with Renewables.”

Jacobson’s work focuses on computer modeling and analysis of air pollution, weather and climate. He is a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, and a senior fellow at both the Woods Institute for the Environment and the Precourt Institute for Energy.

ASES and ISES:  Celebrating 60 Years of Collaboration and Innovation

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the formation of the Association for the Advancement of Solar Energy in Phoenix, Arizona. In the 1960s, AFASE changed its name to the Solar Energy Society, and in 1970, following an international solar energy conference in Melbourne, Australia, SES became known as the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), and ASES and Australia-New Zealand (ANZ) were established as its first Sections.

Since that time more than 60 Sections of ISES have formed, and around 40 remain active today, representing countries on all five inhabited continents. Many of these Sections, such as ASES, have remained very influential in their countries in fostering and promoting renewable energy research, development and deployments.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of these groundbreaking societies, SOLAR 2014 features a forum, moderated by ISES President Dave Renné and Paulette Middleton, showcasing diverse perspectives from Society leaders on past achievements and the roles that organizations such as ASES and ISES will continue to play in achieving a 100 percent renewable energy future. Invited presenters include Yogi Goswami, Larry Sherwood, Jim Augustyn, Richard Perez, Larry Kazmerski, Ron Swenson, Frank deWinter, Jeffrey Brownson, Dave Panich, Seth Masia, Eicke Weber and Carly Rixham.

The moderators invite all SOLAR 2014 participants to tell their own inspirational stories, to celebrate the past and the future of renewable energy, and renew support for the strong Societies leading the way.

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