LI Industries Provides Innovative Solar Street Lights

Solar Street LightLI Industries offers a range of solar street lights. The SS30 combines a high efficiency solar panel, controller, high- capacity lithium battery pack, and LED lighting into a compact module. It captures the maximum energy from the sun during the daytime and uses this energy at night for illumination.

The 6,000 charging cycles of the battery (more than 20 years) ensures a long, maintenance-free service life. The SS Avant-Garde Series combines functionality and innovative design, and is suitable for lighting roads, alleys, squares, gardens, parks, and other decorative areas.

The SS “Classic” Series is a high-tech product in a more classic design. The adaptive design of this system allows for quick and easy installation, with the option of installing it on different types of poles. The SS Classic Series is suitable for lighting streets and avenues in accordance with international standards.

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