Spirit and Sustainability Community Forum

MODERATORS: Paulette Middleton and Elaine Hebert

Spirit and Sustainability Forum 20/20: Embrace disruption – Accelerate transformation
The world has changed and we must change with it, but our ultimate goal – a world run on clean, renewable energy – remains the same. What can we do together to ensure that the current global pandemic doesn’t slow, but actually accelerates the transition to a clean energy world? What can we do to better integrate and connect concerns about social, economic and racial injustice with our ongoing efforts to improve access to clean air, clean water and clean energy for all?
This special forum will provide an opportunity for SOLAR 20/20 participants to share their thinking on critical immediate and longer-term actions that we all as individuals, members of ASES, citizens of the US, and members of the global community can take. The forum will open with a welcome from ASES Sustainability Division co-chairs. As is the tradition with this forum, participants will have the opportunity to provide their thinking on the topic. Each person is limited to 2 minutes maximum. The moderators will follow up with questions for the group.


Jun 25 2020


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm




  • Elaine Hebert
    Elaine Hebert
    Board Member of ASES and NorCal Solar

    Elaine Hebert is a retired energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability expert from the California Energy Commission. For most of the years since 1983, she has been involved with ASES via its chapters; she served as President of the Urban Solar Energy Association in Boston and years later as President of the Northern California Solar Energy Association in Berkeley. She is now on the ASES board of directors. She is also an ASES Fellow and a recipient of ASES’s Rebecca Vories Award for outstanding volunteerism. She is an avid hiker and bicyclist, and in 2014 and 2016 rode in two Climate Rides – 250-300 miles in 4-5 days – to raise money for organizations working on climate issues. She holds a BS in Environmental Resource Science from the University of California at Davis.

  • Paulette Middleton
    Paulette Middleton
    Board Member (ISES and ASES), Coordinator (GEIA), and Advisor (Panorama Pathways)

    I have extensive experience advancing the renewable energy transformation through my work with the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and the U.S. section ASES, where I currently serve on the Board of Directors for both. For almost 50 years, I have worked to create a better world for all using my expertise in air quality and climate change science; program management and strategic planning; stakeholder dialogues aimed at earth aware policy development; and communication
    through diverse media. As an atmospheric chemist (PhD Chemistry 1973 University of Texas) specializing in scientific assessments that support decision making at regional and international levels, I have held leadership /executive positions at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Atmospheric Sciences Research Center at the State University of New York at Albany, Science & Policy Associates, Inc., and RAND. In addition to my work with ISES and ASES, other ongoing activities include Global Emissions IniAtive (GEIA) coordinator, and environment /energy advisor to diverse organizations through my company Panorama Pathways (

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