ASES Membership Meeting

The 2020 ASES Membership Meeting will include an update on the organization from the ASES staff and a special presentation from Jill Cliburn, previous board member of ASES on the 2019 Membership Survey.


Jun 25 2020


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm




  • Jill Cliburn
    Jill Cliburn
    Cliburn and Associates, LLC

    Jill K. Cliburn has a long history of bringing renewable energy and distributed energy resources into cost- effective and widespread use, working with utilities, community groups and trade allies. In recent years, she led the Community Solar Value Project, aimed at increasing the value of community-scale solar and solar-plus. She also has led efforts to increase diversity and access to solar. Jill is an ASES Fellow and recent board member. She lives in Santa Fe, NM.

    Presentation Title: What’s Our Super-Power? Results and Discussion of the ASES Member Survey

    Description: Last fall, ASES implemented member survey, receiving a statistically significant response from 750 members. Jill Cliburn led a subsequent analysis, to develop insights about the membership, both in aggregate and with focus on segments defined by age, gender, profession/avocation, and level of engagement. The results proved useful for:
    1) Developing new, targeted marketing strategies to match members with products, services and opportunities they may not be aware of;
    2) Informing staff about which services have “connected” with members and helping to prioritize offerings;
    3) Identifying strengths of ASES members, together and as sub-groups, ready and able to make a difference.

    For example, the analysis suggested that with nearly half of members at or approaching retirement, ASES may develop mentoring for a small but growing segment (12%), who could be described as “young professionals.” In turn, that younger segment expressed significant support (32%) for engaging the Credit Union (CECU) at the core of the Mission, driving personal and community-wide action to “make solar happen.” These are a few of the insights to be presented. Additional work will prepare for engaging Conference participants in a discussion, considering: How can we serve and build out ASES membership, to create a uniquely powerful impact?

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