~switch Presentations and Solar Decathletes

Moderator for ~switch Presentations: David Panich
~switch presentations are fast-moving and fun, a big pot to stir up big ideas and ENTHUSIASM for what’s HAPPENING and for what’s POSSIBLE.  We want you to be entertained, informed, inspired as well as educated.

Intro & invitation for audience participation 12:30-12:35.

Anita Ledbetter – How San Antonio is leading the country in renewables and preparedness

Annie Wolf – Solar United Neighbors getting renewable energy up and running and visible in our communities

Kaycee Chang – Harnessing the Power of the Young with Student Chapters, passionate and gaining skills in energy ages 18-22

Audience & panel questions & commentary

Eric Weber – Solar Decathlon Faculty Team Leader from Team Las Vegas

Arnoud Draijer – Solar Decathlon Project Manager with Team Netherlands

Audience & panel final questions & commentary


Jun 24 2020


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm




  • Anita Ledbetter
    Anita Ledbetter
    Build San Antonio Green

    Anita has been working for the community of San Antonio as the Executive Director of Build San Antonio Green for 16 years, where she has worked to build San Antonio’s nationally recognized affordable green building program and is a champion for the equitable distribution of solar for all people. Anita has served on several City planning committees and boards including the City of San Antonio’s Sustainable Building Code Task Force, SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan, SAWS Citizens Advisory Committee, San Antonio Bike Share, EPIcenter Advisory Council, 2030 District, Municipal Bond Oversight Commission, and was Co-Chair of the SA Climate Ready Plan. Her passion for people and vision for the future are at the heart of Build San Antonio Green’s continued success and evolution.

    Presentation Title: Solar in San Antonio – Bridging the gap to Carbon Neutral

    Description: As cities around our country are developing climate plans the question becomes how can we both mitigate and adapt to the changes to come. This presentation will explore the journey of how San Antonio has emerged as a leader in renewables and how Build San Antonio Green is working on innovative programs and opportunities to help expand solar and prepare their community for what is to come.

  • Annie Wolf
    Annie Wolf
    Director of Engagement, Solar United Neighbors

    Session title: National Solar Tour 2020 – Expanding on Tradition

    Annie joined Solar United Neighbors in February of 2020. Prior to her role at SUN, Annie held volunteer management positions at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the Trustees of Reservations, and the New England Aquarium. Annie lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two cats.

  • Eric Weber
    Faculty Team Leader for the Solar Decathlon Build Challenge 2020 Team Las Vegas

    Eric Weber is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Coordinator of the David G.Howryla Design+Build Studio and Building Technologies Laboratory. He was the Principal Investigator for Team Las Vegas, UNLV’s entry in Solar Decathlon 2013, which finished 2nd overall, first U.S. team. Professor Weber teaches the fourth-year/graduate Design+Build Studio, building technology courses, and seminars enabling students to explore conceptual/theoretical genesis for material selection and detailing, furniture design, and temporary installation design/fabrication. He is currently serving as Principal Investigator for UNLV’s entry in Solar Decathlon 2020. Professor Weber is a Registered Architect in the State of Arizona. Many of the professional projects with which he has been associated have been published internationally and have won regional AIA honor awards.

  • Kaycee Chang
    Kaycee Chang
    American Solar Energy Society

    Kaycee Chang believes in the future of renewable energy and in the future of young leaders in the renewable energy industry. Her background is in environmental engineering and mechanical engineering, with experience in solar thermal energy. Kaycee has been involved with the student chapters of ASES and encourages students and young professionals to become more proactive in the renewable energy field.

    Presentation Title: ASES Student Chapter Showcase

    Description: Our students have so much potential to impact the renewable energy field, but need proper guidance on which directions to go, project help, and more. ASES provides that bridge between student chapters and professionals to allow students to go above and beyond in their younger years. It is essential to have people start understanding the importance of renewable energy and becoming passionate about it at the age of 18-22, while they are in college, to gain the skills needed for the industry now.

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