Continental Control Systems Releases Fast Power Option

By Solar Today Magazine

Continental Control Systems WattNode® Modbus Revenue energy meter

In response to new requirements from utilities, Continental Control Systems has released a new firmware version for the WattNode® Modbus Revenue energy meter that provides a Fast Power register reading that updates every 200 milliseconds.

Option FP (Fast Power) supports utility feed-in limit requirements for those utilities that have limits on the AC power that may be fed into the grid by photovoltaic and wind inverters. In order to avoid exceeding utility limits, and to read the power and energy production from the inverter, revenue-grade kilowatt and kilowatt-hour meters are installed to monitor the power flowing to and from the grid.

Taking the readings directly from the meter, the smart inverter monitors the output of the meter and adjusts the generated power going to the grid to control line voltage accordingly.

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