Clean Energy Federal Credit Union Update

By, Amanda Bybee, Organizer of the proposed Clean Energy Federal Credit Union

Amanda BybeeAs announced in the last edition of SOLAR TODAY, the initiative to launch the proposed Clean Energy Federal Credit Union is in full swing. We are working to move many balls down the field simultaneously, that we may be ready to open our doors as soon as possible after the charter is granted. First and foremost, we are working closely with our analyst at the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to methodically follow each step in the charter application process. To that end, we have submitted our preliminary survey analysis to the NCUA (many thanks to the 570 people who have filled it out to date). The business plan is coming along nicely. The first job opening for the credit union (CEO) was posted in early September. We have been talking to mentors at established credit unions about formalizing those relationships. Lastly, we have begun screening vendors to provide the many services the credit union will need when it opens its doors (software, online/mobile services, etc.).

If you are interested in providing responses to the survey (the more, the better!), or if you know a candidate for the CEO position, please email me at

I was pleased to meet so many ASES members at the conference in July who support the proposed Clean Energy Federal Credit Union. Together, I know we can make this dream a reality.

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