California AB 2145 Threatens Community Solar AB 2145 threatens all CA Community Choice clean energy programs. The large corporate utilities (PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E) are once again attempting to crush competition.

By Chair Alex Padilla, @SenAlexPadilla.

California’s Senate Energy Committee hears AB 2145 on June 23. Please call or email committee chair Alex Padilla this week. Urge him to reject this bad bill.

If enacted, AB 2145 will:
• Limit consumer choice
• Reduce competition
• Thwart California’s environmental goals
• Infringe on local government decision-making power
• Diminish local communities’ ability to create local clean energy jobs
• Destroy the future of Community Choice energy in California.

AB 2145 will change the rules to make it impossible to establish viable Community Choice energy programs, thus cementing the utility monopolies. Community Choice energy is one of the most powerful solutions available to local governments to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. AB 2145 represents a backward step for California’s leadership. Please don’t let utilities stamp it out.

You can help kill this bill! Make your voice heard by calling and writing your State Senator. For more information on the bill and how to help, click here.

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