ASES 2020: Five-Year Vision

Who We Are

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is a nonprofit organization providing valuable resources to connect consumers with the solar and renewable energy industries. Our community of solar professionals and advocates is dedicated to achieving a 100% renewable energy society.

We were established in 1954 at a very different time in history—before photovoltaics became the large and evolving international industry it is today. We cheered and championed much of this growth, and witnessed hosts of new players emerge onto the scene.

ASES leadership recognizes the challenges of maintaining and growing a 62-year-old organization in a manner that is necessary and relevant. Despite the changes of the past six decades, today’s world continues to need an ever-more rapid transformation to renewable energy. Likewise, ASES is also transforming to better address this need.

What We Do

• Deliver resources connecting consumers with the solar and renewable energy industries
• Create community, events and media focused on acceleration of renewable energy utilization
• Provide unbiased technical, non-technical, and policy information
• Publish the award-winning magazine Solar Today
• Produce the National Solar Tour, the largest grassroots solar event in the country
• Organize the longest-running annual solar national solar conference in the US covering issues related to technology, financing, policy and sustainability
• Connect via online assets such as, solartoday. org, Solar@Work, and social media spaces
• Lead regional chapters, topical technical divisions, university student chapters
• Serve as the U.S. section of the International Solar Energy Society

Where We’re Going

• Expanding outreach and membership
• Increasing Solar Today subscribers and advertisers
• Driving participation in national dialogues to increase the use of renewable energy
• Shaping our annual conference as a welcoming, informative, community environment for all forms of renewable energy; for art, culture, technology, and business; and for a non-competitive, no “hard sell” experience
• Digitizing and archiving our 60+ years of renewable energy information
• Partnering with the Clean Energy Federal Credit Union
• Partnering with the U.S. DOE on the Solar Decathlon
• Partnering with other nonprofit and advocacy organizations on a long-term basis
• Identifying opportunities to support other industries and organizations in the utilization of solar and renewable energy and other sustainable technologies

What You Can Do

• Become an ASES individual, professional, business or lifetime member
• Subscribe to or advertise in Solar Today Magazine
• Sponsor the National Solar Conference or National Solar Tour
• Be a speaker at one of our events
• Contact us to potentially feature your industry or company news and developments
• Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
• Partner your organization or non-profit with us
• Submit your ideas for ways we can deliver greater value and impact
• Engage with an ASES regional chapter in your state(s)
• Join, create or advise a student chapter

Please join our mission of enabling a 100% renewable energy society and our goal of expanding ASES’ outreach, membership and support.

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