Anchorage Solar Tour Draws 100+ Solar Enthusiasts

Anchorage Solar Tour attendees learn about the largest flat-plate solar thermal system in Alaska, at Coronado Park Village. The system heats 3,300 gallons of domestic water for 56 apartments. Image: Stuart Brooks, Cook Inlet Housing Authority

Although most sites on the ASES National Solar Tour hold events in October, the Anchorage Solar Tour is held in May each year to take advantage of the best sun opportunities in Alaska. The 2015 Anchorage event was held May 16, and drew more than 100 people to three sites.

According to tour organizer Andy Baker, the systems at all the sites were producing optimal energy, which was most impressive for the attendees, many of whom were on their first solar tour. Tour-goers included commercial and residential building owners, architects, engineers, university professors, renewable energy program managers, housing authority administrators, and electric utility board members.

“The interest in Anchorage is growing steadily as the number of large solar thermal and photovoltaic systems is increasing and the cost of systems is decreasing,” says Baker. “If we can have success with solar technologies in the most northern state of Alaska, then surely it can be done even better in the lower 48!”

Find a tour near you at Most events will be held October 3-4, 2015.

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