Immediate Personal Actions to Address Climate Change Renewable Energy Is Key to Curbing Climate Change

John Dunlop, Paulette Middleton, and Carly Rixham

Immediate Personal Actions to Address Climate Change

Solar is certainly expanding, but not nearly rapidly enough to avoid the worst effects from climate change. © Eaknarin

Climate change is happening. Humans are the cause. Our efforts to develop renewable energy technologies have been inadequate. Wind and solar are certainly expanding, but not nearly rapidly enough to avoid the worst effects from climate change.

But it’s not yet too late to change the course for civilization. Climate scientists (even those in the Trump administration), political leaders around the world, American cities and states and the United Nations all support taking immediate, urgent climate action to decarbonize energy supplies by 2040 and the economy shortly thereafter. But dramatic action must be taken immediately to achieve those goals.

The task ahead is monumental. And it depends on YOU. We must all call on businesses, political leaders at the national, state and local level, our friends, and ourselves to take immediate action to reduce our production of greenhouse gasses to zero.

Make immediate climate action your personal mission:

  • Be BOLD.
  • Be confident in your support for scientific evidence that we must take urgent action.
  • Be vocal about renewable energy with your friends, your family, and even among those who you infer may oppose taking climate action – their affirmative reactions may surprise you.

Make your voices known:

  • Get involved or ramp-up your involvement in climate issues this year.
  • Decisions for climate actions at the state and local level this year will be based on your opinions and recommendations, which will be known only if you express them.
  • Strongly support elected officials who have expressed support for climate action.

Be a personal example:

Your personal decisions will greatly influence those who know you. Engage with others about why you took personal climate action directly related to energy use (e.g., improved energy efficiency of your home, installed solar, subscribed to community solar, bought/leased an electric vehicle, purchased an electric lawn mower, converted from gas to an electric heat pump water heater) and other activities impacting climate (e.g., improved water and rainwater use, bought local regenerative produce and other food products, reduced red meat consumption, grew more plants, supported responsible family planning).

2019 is a monumental year for taking climate action. ASES is proud to lead the way toward a carbon-free economy through its outreach and community building programs.

ASES SOLAR 2019 will provide a forum to spotlight actions that are making immediate progress. Join us there in person or through video conferencing. Share your success stories and best practices now with ASES today; these will be part of the conference discussions. Help us to grow the movement on behalf of the generations who will follow us.

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