Why Should Students Attend SOLAR 2023?

ASES is committed to furthering the professional development of students and other people starting out in the renewable energy and sustainability industries through providing educational and networking opportunities. Our goal is for our students and emerging professionals to be involved in SOLAR 2023 through scholarships and internships, as well as presenting, attending, or volunteering. We want students to be empowered to be a part of the renewable energy and sustainability industries. During the conference, students will be able to:

  • Discover what’s next in solar policy, microgrid resilience planning, and workforce development.
  • Share and discuss successful skills to assist you in your personal and professional lives.
  • Grow your network and connect with fellow ASES members who are industry peers, technical experts, educators, and overall supporters of a 100% renewable energy world!


SOLAR 2023 is designed to serve and advance the solar energy industry by bringing together national labs, installers, government officials, and enthusiasts in the solar and renewable energy industries to explore solutions, new technologies, policy initiatives, and other key factors.

The technical sessions include tracks such as Equity and Access, PV/Thermal Applications, Life Cycles, and Education. Additionally, the conference will include the ASES Annual Awards Banquet, a tour of the NREL research lab, a Mini Boulder Solar Tour, National Solar Tour Luncheon, two NABCEP Courses, and a NABCEP Workshop. SOLAR 2023 will also be a net zero emissions event!


We are dedicating the following sessions specifically for students and others new to the renewable energy industry. Be sure to attend; you won’t want to miss them!

Tuesday, Aug 8, 2023:

Mini Boulder Solar Tour

For the last 27 years, during the first week of October, the National Solar Tour has been an event where people all over the country directly visit and learn about homes powered by solar energy and other sustainable technologies and practices. We will be hosting a sneak peek of what the 28th year will look like during the conference!

Wednesday, Aug 9, 2023:

Fellows and Students Reception  

ASES honors persons making significant contributions to the society and generally within the field of solar and renewable energy each year. Join us for dinner and drinks as we present our annual ASES Awards and Fellows recognitions!

Thursday, Aug 1, 2023:

Climate Ride

Join us for this 5-mile walk/ride or 10-mile ride around the city of Boulder. We’ll meet and end on the South Terrace of the UMC at CU Boulder: 1669 Euclid Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302.

Check-in: 5:30 pm
Ride Starts: 5:45 pm
Ride Ends: 7:30 pm

Friday, Aug 11, 2023

SOS! Students on Sustainability: Young Professionals Forum- Speed Networking with Professional Mentors

Moderator: Sydney Muñoz, Sustainability Director at Goodwill International

The Young Professionals Forum will provide students and emerging professionals the opportunity to gain knowledge from professionals, build networks, and obtain guidance for navigating early career challenges. This event attracts attendees from diverse professional backgrounds and represents the interdisciplinary nature of the renewable energy community.

Spirit, Sustainability, and Reality Forum

Moderators: Paulette Middleton and Orlo Stitt

ASES Sustainability Division is introducing a new Sprit-Sustainability-Reality initiative that Acknowledges Reality:

Climate change impacts are intensifying, underscoring the urgency for taking more ambitious action now (UN IPCCC March 20 report).
Economical, technical, and political solutions are available.
Political will and public action are lacking.

Embraces Spirit and Sustainability: Be hopeful, share ideas, and work together.
The goals of the initiative are to educate and motivate everyone to combat climate change now.
These questions will guide our discussions at the Forum:

  • How can we motivate/educate those who are not sure what to do about climate change?
  • How can we engage deniers of climate change in a productive way?
  • What can our governments do, or do better— to combat climate change?
  • What else can you do better/differently/creatively to combat climate change?
  • What/who inspires you to protect the earth?
  • In your opinion, what else can ASES do?

We will be using the results from the discussions at the forum and on the ASES online community to create meaningful strategies for combating climate change as a community and individually.

Student Energy Workshop: Entering the Energy Transition Labor Market

Informed by Student Energy and Orsted’s newly launched Energy Transition Skills Project, this workshop will provide context into the existing gap between what is most important to young people when looking for employment, the barriers they face in entering the energy transition labor market, and how energy stakeholders can address these gaps to advance youth skill development. After laying the foundation, we will uncover tangible solutions and opportunities for young people to increase their knowledge of the energy transition labor market and the specific steps they can take to increase their confidence when applying for jobs and connecting with prospective employers, such as:

  • How to identify career interests, values and skills and align them with labor market needs
  • How to build networking skills: how to tell your story and ask great questions
  • Where to get started when looking for climate and energy jobs

Read the report and recommendations from the project here: bit.ly/ets-report

EV and Solar Cookers Display

This will feature various organizations and exhibitors in the renewable energy and sustainability industry. We will have National Solar Tour sign-ups for our 28th Annual Solar Tour happening October 6-8, 2023!


  1. We invite you to register here. Please note that ASES Student Members receive 70% off the conference registration price! (Please message membership@ases.org for the discount code.)
  2. As an ASES Student Member, you have the opportunity to volunteer and assist at the conference, which allows you to receive a complimentary conference registration pass. (Please message membership@ases.org to sign up.)
  3. Intern with us! All interns receive a complimentary conference pass. 
  4. If you cannot travel to Boulder, Colorado in August, we also offer a virtual attendance and volunteer options! 
  5. Check with your college or university to see if there is funding to support you in attending the conference.


Over the last 52 years, over 15,000 professionals from public, private, and industrial sector organizations have attended the ASES National Solar Conferences. Attendees typically include:

  • Educators
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Installers
  • Homeowners
  • Policy Makers
  • Researchers
  • Manufacturers
  • Solar Enthusiasts
  • Students
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