SOLAR 2021 Archive

Recordings from the conference are available to anyone who registered by August 2, 2021. Public recordings will be available in August 2022.

Presentations from SOLAR 2021:

Tuesday Sessions

SOLAR 2021 Opening Reception:
Carly Rixham, Executive Director, ASES
Peter Green, Deputy Laboratory Director, Science and Technology at NREL

Toward a Decarbonized Energy System

Wednesday Sessions

Opening Keynote Session:
Dave Renné, Leader in IRENA Coalition for Action and Immediate Past President of the International Solar Energy Society

Modeling and Scaling Track: Community Solar via Micro/Mini/Macrogrids:
Adam Eberwein, Technical Lead at EarthSpark International
EarthSpark International Presentation
Matt DaCorte, Project Coordinator at Meriden Housing Authority
Zach Emond, Co-founder and CEO at RPSi

Social/Environmental Justice Track: LMI Community Strategies:
Kimberly Shields, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Energy Outreach Colorado
Rich Strömberg, Program Director, Faculty and Doctoral Student at Equitable Solar Solutions/Coldharbour Inst./Western Colorado University/University Alaska Fairbanks
Yesenia Rivera, Director of Energy Equity and Inclusion at Solar United Neighbors
Solar for All Lessons Learned
Solar Advancements Track: Solar Performance:
Dan Shea, CEO QD Solar Inc.
Eduardo Rincón-Mejía, Professor at Autonomous University of México City
Kerry Rippy, Post Doc at NREL
Samuel Schreiber, PhD Student at CU Boulder

Colorado Spotlight Session:
Adrienne Dorsey, Executive Director at GRID Alternatives Colorado
Diego Lopez, Executive Director at Northern Colorado Clean Cities
Suzanne Jones, Past Mayor of Boulder | ECO-CYCLE Boulder

Sustainability Track: Sustainable Buildings:
Ash Ragheb, Lawrence Technological University
Dale Miller, University of Colorado Boulder
Steve Stevens, Founder, Chief Sustainabilist, Curator
William Young, Florida Solar Energy Center

Modeling & Scaling Track: Grid Scale via Modeling Tools:

Brock Mosovsky, VP of Analytics at
Risk Management and Procurement Strategies for Solar-Heavy Portfolios

James Stalker, President & CEO at RESPR
The Stalker Method for CFD/NWP Modeling Approach for Solar Energy

Jesse Duroha, University of Rhode Island
Quality Assurance and Metrics Associated with Solar Farm Production

Jill Cliburn, Cliburn and Associates, LLC
Solar-Plus-Storage Innovation in Rural America And a Project Modeling Tool That Supports It

Nir Krakauer, City College of New York
Solar and wind resources during heat extremes

Richard Wilk, Union College
Reflector-Enhanced Bifacial PV

Policy, Education & Finance Track: Economic, Workforce, and Environmental Impacts:

Matt Stern, Philadelphia Energy Authority
Bright Solar Futures: The country’s most advanced high school solar program

Milton Newberry, Sustainable Technology Director at Bucknell University
Sustainability Experiential Learning Laboratory – A Method for SELLing Photovoltaic Technology and Education to College Students

Remilekun Akinwonmi, Programs Associate at ASES
Design of Carbon Footprint Calculator

Poster Session:

Walter Gerstle, University of New Mexico
Thermal Energy Storage for the Electric Grid

Michael Sell, Saint Francis University Institute for Energy
Sustainable Energy on Wheels: The Tiny Classroom Project

Narayanan Komerath, Taksha Institute
Credit for Reducing Sunshine

Jennifer Scheib, University of Colorado Boulder
Solar Decathlon

Gopalakrishnan Ramaswami, Advanced Integrated Analytical
and Test Services
Technical and Economic Performance Analysis of a Rooftop Residential PV -Grid System at Florida
Donald Clark, Crowder College

Sustainable Marketing

Mahelet Fikru, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Residential Solar Photovoltaic in the United States: From Intentions to Adoptions

Eric Peterman, GRNE Solar
Combining Solar and EV’s

Debbie Coleman, Sun Plans Inc.
Every Building is a Solar Building

John Martin, Appalachian State University, Thomas Edison University
Digital Energy: the Future of Power

John Martin, Appalachian State University, Thomas Edison University
Integrated Utility Unit

Roger Davenport, Butler Sun Solutions
Solar Cooking with PV Power

Jonathan Clemens, Olympic Energy Systems, Inc.
True Sustainability with Low Embodied Energy
Bianca Paola Meneses Brassea, Aliakbar Akbarzadeh, Peter Golding

Modeling and Scaling Track: Sustainable Resource Planning & Capture:

Emma Hubbard, Electra Tech
Electra Sun The Bolt Box and Mini Box

James Moran, Advanced Energy Group
The Sol-AG Solar Aquaponic Greenhouse

Joachim Seel, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Electricity Markets & Policy

Nico Bouwkamp, Technical Program Manager at Frontier Energy
Renewable Hydrogen at Scale in Texas and Beyond

Timothy Dewitt from August Mack Environmental, Inc
Maywood Solar Project From Concept to Design and Installation

Sustainability Track: Electric Vehicles:

Brian Ross, Great Plains Institute
EV Charging and the Distribution Grid… And Solar

James Beregi, Solar Transportation Technologies

Matthew Metz, Coltura
FROM GASOLINE TO SOLAR: Repowering the Clean Car Future

Solar Advancements Track: Solar Novelty/Safety:

Brian Ross, Great Plains Institute
PV-SMaRT: Photovoltaic Stormwater Management Research and Testing

Brian Wieliczka NREL
Quantum Dot Photovoltaics: Understanding and Improving

David Ginley, NREL
Developing an approach for energy carriers: Imagining Beyond Thermochemical Cycles

Qiuming Yu, Cornell University
Lead-Free Perovskites for Stable and Highly Efficient Solar Cells

Thursday Sessions

Social & Environmental Justice Keynote:
Henry Red Cloud, Executive Director at Red Cloud Renewable
Monique Dyers, President/CEO at Ensight Energy Consulting
Pilar Thomas, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Practice Group

Modeling & Scaling Track: Grid Integration and Maintenance:
Ben Glenzer, Solar Solutions For All
James Hyungkwan Kim, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mark Bolinger, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Yacob Hiben, Mekelle University

Solar Advancements Track: Solar Economics:
Dirk Jordan, NREL
Grant Hilti, Heliospekt LLC
Henry Vandermark, Solar Wave Energy, Inc.
Spencer Fields, Manager of Market Strategy and Intelligence at EnergySage

Policy, Education & Finance Track: Federal, State, and Local Policies/Programs:
Alison Mason, SunJuice Solar LLC
David Comis & Abigail Antonini, Maryland Energy Administration
David Golembeski, The Solar Foundation
Emily Robichaux, Groundswell
Vicky Mandell, Mandell Law Firm

Policy, Education & Finance Track: Financing Clean Energy:
Gerald Bernstein, Interfaith Power and Light
Sydney Muñoz, Re-volv
Patrick Thompson, AppleSEEd Energy Transition
Philippe Hartley, CleanFinancing LLC
Raphael Schiffman, New Energy Equity

Social/Environmental Justice Track: Tribal & Rural Advances:
Johnny Weiss, Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center
Mark Nabong, Monotreme Consulting
Renee Millard-Chacon, Spirit of the Sun
Robert Foster, College of Engineering, New Mexico State University
Solar Food Drying for Afghan Communities

~switch Session:
Aaron Boon, Environmental Solutions and Innovations, Inc.
Andy Bingle, Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center
Anita Ledbetter, Build San Antonio Green
Carol Flueckiger, Texas Tech University
Dave Finnigan, Green Actioneers
Joseph Simon, NREL
Narelle Kipple, ASES National Solar Tour Director
Sarah Younger, Living Arts Meta Programs, Inc.
Vince Lucia, Good Sun Solar State University

Sustainability Track: Responsible Solar:
Amanda Cotton, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Kate Collardson; BayWa RE
Paulo Soares, Graduate Student, The Pennsylvania State University
Victor Olgyay, Rocky Mountain Institute
William Young, Florida Solar Energy Center
Monique Dyers, President & CEO, Ensight Energy Consulting, LLC
Alan Bigelow, Science Director at Solar Cookers International

Policy, Education & Finance Track: Youth Energy Education and Development:
Brian Wieliczka, NREL
Bronte Payne, Environment America
Laura Tellez, Solar United Neighbors
Mark Weber, Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES)
Numair Latif, UNM
Rachel Romero, NREL

Friday Sessions

Nuances of Residential Battery System Design Forum:
Ian Skor, Sandbox Solar; Leland Keller, Fort Collins Utilities; Matt Scherer, REenergizeCO

ASES Membership Meeting & Lunch:
Carly Cipolla, ASES Director of Operations; Carly Rixham, ASES Executive Director; Joshua Peterson, ASES Board Treasurer; Narelle Kipple, ASES Membership & Programs Coordinator; Robert Foster, ASES Board Chair; Sarah Townes, ASES CFO & ZEN Director
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