Energy Economics Division

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Worldwide energy investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy are proven to clean the air and put more money into the local economy. Environmental, social and governance risk evaluation will change the way investors look at the bottom line.

Our Goals

  • To help investors in the renewable energy sector with fact-based decision-making process
  • To promote cost effective use of energy efficiency
  • To provide coaching and mentorship in energy economics

Our members

The Energy Economics Divisions members are a network of professionals, researchers, as well as volunteers. Our members include but not limited to the following:

  • Engineers
  • Energy Economist
  • Energy Specialist
  • Energy Analyst
  • Environmentalist
  • Policy makers

Topics we consider

The energy economics topics we consider include the following:

  • Energy as a resource: classification, measurement and accounting
  • Energy demand and analysis: Past, present and future
  • Energy supply: Economics and policies of renewable energy supply
  • Energy market
  • Energy ethics
  • Energy modelling
  • Energy and development
  • Re – scaling energy
  • Energy, environment and climate change

How we communicate with the world

  • Website
  • Webinars
  • Forum
  • Workshops and conferences

How we build our Division community

  • Resource sharing – online
  • Volunteer programs – available for both students and professionals

Upcoming division opportunities

There are a lot of opportunities for members to participate in and share information about the Energy Economics Division, including:

  • Webinars
  • Monthly teleconference calls
  • Building network with other members
  • Higher logic community listserv platform
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