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Energy efficiency and renewable energy won the least cost price prize and the most installed generation prize too. Winning the battle never ends. Big arrays, local community solar and microgrids can’t happen fast enough. The barriers and the opportunities require a big lift in all 50 states. Regional utilities may or may not be ready for massive changes we need to reduce carbon, methane, particulate matter and smog in our atmosphere. Let’s discuss equity, health, resilience, global manufacturing and the value of keep dollars circulating in our local communities. 

Our Goals

  • Share thoughts on the relationship between Wall Street and decarbonization.
  • Monitor patterns of investor concerns
  • Discover pathways to change
  • Develop topics for papers

Our Members

All are welcome

Topics We Consider

The energy economics topics we consider include the following:

  • Your curiosity about the transition from burning coal to clean energy production
  • The art of building new versus deep energy retrofits of older buildings (carbon embedded)
  • Reducing the health cost of pollution
  • Methods of finance: on-bill financing, PACE, PPAs, Leases
  • Energy efficiency: the great negawatt
  • The corporations supporting Environmental, Social and Governance ratings
  • The finance industry’s choice for climate change portfolio investments

How We Communicate With the World

  • ASES members are a resource for sound technical information
  • Division members may be newcomers suggesting gaps needing attention and relevant way to address different audiences
  • Publish papers
  • Write articles for Solar Today magazine
  • Gather speakers for a webinar

How We Build Our Division Community

  • We meet every year at the Technical Divisions Caucus
  • Suggest topics for future conferences
  • Post subject matter into the ASES Online Community (JOIN HERE)

Upcoming Division Opportunities

There are a lot of opportunities for members to participate in and share information about the Energy Economics Division, including:

  • Building your network
  • Monthly meetup
  • Elections are held for the officers
  • Raise money for a program, a service, interns and scholarships
  • Each topic can generate open debate and solutions of varying depth and degrees
  • Your contribution is invaluable to our grassroots, open door policy



Division Chair – Wyldon Fishman

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