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Solar in Your Community Challenge Workshop

Vicki O’Day – Community Solar for Community Action
Shubha Jaishankar – Documentation & Reporting: Models of Project Excellence
Rob Rafson – Chart House Energy – Distressed Community from Solar Jobs
MCSolar – Power Opportunities one panel at a time
Mark Gaiser & Ken Hughes – PV on a Pole
Lori Bird – Solar Financing for Low and Moderate Income Residents


Solar 2018 Monday – Opening General Session: Solar 2018 Pathways to a
Renewable Energy Transformation

Coreina Chan – Experimenting our way forward – New Partnerships between communities and utilities
Jason Jannati – Power Energy Solutions
John Laitner – Reinveting the Wheel: The Economic Imperative of Resource Efficiency
Sarah Begay – DOE/ Sandia Indian Energy


Solar 2018 Monday – More Solar, Less Cost

Warren Schirtzinger – The Democratization of Solat in 10 American Cities
Janelle McGill – The Impact of Solar in Real Estate
Kevin Anderson – Powering Third World Countries for the Same Cost as Building the Border Wall
Mike Buday – Streamlining Technical Due Diligence & Engineering Services to Reduce PV Project Soft Costs
Orlo Stitt – South Sun Estates: An Energy Planned Community


Solar 2018 Monday – Broadening Access to Solar: Jobs, Careers, and

Annie Lappe – Broadening Access to Solar Jobs


Solar 2018 Monday – New Energy Systems: Clean Electrification

Rob Swenson
Brett KenCairn – Residential Electrication Campaign: Renewable Heating &Cooling
Diane Dandeneau – IPOWER Alliance brings together the best partners, products and solutions to provide the most profitable solar and efficiency projects possible
John Powers – Solar Load Balancing Software+ New Tools for the Intelligent Energy Era
Kelly Murphy – Ultra-Grid-Edge Stability by PV Driven Solar Water Heating
Paul Bony – Clean Electrification
Peter Lilienthal – Designing Clean Microgrids


Solar 2018 Monday – Research Pathways: Solar in Buildings

Andrew Michler – Primary Energy Renewable: A Path to A decarbonized grid for our buildings using passive house
Christoph Opitz – Sensory Building Envelope: Translating Sunlight Patterns to Dynamic Lighting Protocols
Ganesan Visvabharathy – Osage Mill North Carolina Solar Projects
Khaled Mansy – Challenging Conventional Wisdom in the Age of Computing
Victor Olgyay – Net Zero Leasing for All


Solar 2018 Monday – Broadening Access to Solar: Financing Solar for All

Blake Jones – Financing the clean energy movement
Jeff Cook –  A State Policy Framework for Supporting Resilient Microgrids
Sandhya Murali – Increasing Low-to-Moderate Income Community Solar Access


Solar 2018 Monday – New Energy Systems: High-Penetration Renewables

Joyce McLaren – NREL – Solar Energy Innovation Network
Lori Bird – Assessing Locational Impacts and Benefits of PV
Marc Perez – High Penetration PV at Minimal Cost: The Value of Strategic Curtailment
Orthi Sikder – Energy Storage for Photovoltaics: Electrical vs Virtual
Stephanie Lenhart – Deployment of Solar Technology Configurations by Municipal Utilities and Electric Cooperatives
Uros Simovic – Considerations for Non-Wires Alternative Evaluation


Solar 2018 Monday – Education in the Classroom and Beyond

Athena Christodoulou – Fossil Fuel Free In Fifteen
David Kline – Carbon Fee and Dividend
James Ward – Green Power of North Carolina
Kurt Thonnings – A Few Thoughts by Ohio Middle School Teacher
Lucy Stolzenburg – Take a Tour: Solar is Contagious
Numair Latif – Inspiring Students with Solar Energy Education in the PBL Classroom


Solar 2018 Monday – Broadening Access to Solar: Community Solar Vision

Cheryl Vaughn – Solar Richmond
Emily McGavisk – Community Solar Vision Panel
Sarah Conley-Ballew – Solar Access


Solar 2018 Monday – New Energy Systems: Electrifying Transportation

Alicia Parks – Urban Electric Vehicle Integration: Denver’s Roadmap to 30 x 30 Electrification Goal
Kristen Ardani – Considerations for Solar PV and Electric Vehicle Co-Deployment
Nigel Zeid – Pure Electric at Boulder Nissan
Ron Swenson – Solar Podcars: A New Vision
Will Tour – Achieving reductions in transportation carbon pollution


Solar 2018 Tuesday – General Session: Solar for Resilience, Preparedness,
and Recovery (RPR)

Dave Renne – Status and Trends of the Global Renewable Energy Transformation
Dave Fahey – Climate Change: Current and projected impacts on the United States
Hunter Lovins – Natural Capitalism Solution: The Mother of All Disruptions


Solar 2018 Tuesday – Solar Research Pathways: Looking Ahead for Solar

Francis DeWinter – Disgn & Build Your Own Solar Swimming Pool Heater
Fred Milder – Renewable (Solar) Heating and Hot Water are an Essential Part of a Net-Zero Building
Future of Solar for US Buildings Panel – Future of Solar Thermal for U.S. Buildings
Hessam Teharian – Solar and Multi-Generation Modeling Based on a Natural Gas Driven Internal combustion Engine
Peter Skinner – Cold Climate NetZero Buildings & Heat Pump/ Solar Thermal Hybrids
Henry Vandermark – Solar Panels


Solar 2018 Tuesday – Solar Research Pathways: Generation and Storage for New Energy Systems

Alan Weimer – Two-Step Solar-thermal Water Splitting to Renewable Hydrogen – The Path Forward
Ben Bunker – Global: Bright Light
Kevin Anderson – Simulation and Lessons Learned from the Ivanpah Solar Plant Project
Mithra Sankrithi – Preliminary Design & Analysis of Low-Cost Concentation OFfshore SOlar Energy Innovations
Robi Robichaud – Does an Island Approach to Higher Penetration Renewables Make Sense for the Mainland



Solar 2018 Tuesday – RPR: Case Studies of Disaster Response with

Alison Mason – Electricidad por el Pueblo
Andee Chamberlain – A Concervation Mission: Solar in Texas State Parks
Bill Young – Providing Emergency Power and Surviving on Solar


Solar 2018 Tuesday – ASES Annual Membership Meeting

Carly Rixham – American Solar Energy Society, Solar 2018


Solar 2018 Tuesday – Solar Research Pathways: Resource/Forecasting for
New Energy Systems

Aron Habte – Low-Cost Multiparameter Sensor for Solar Resource Applications
Bill Marion – Solar Resource Assessment Using Micro-Inverter Data
Eric Anderson – Line Failure Risk from Congestion
Ian Smithpeter – A Low-Cost IoT Approach to Real-Time Colud Motion Detection


Solar 2018 Tuesday – RPR: Policies and Preparedness Strategies

Chris Robertson – Earthquake Resilient Energy Services: Energy PLanning for a Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake
Eliza Hotchkiss – Analysis and Outreach to Increase Renewable Energy Department
Elizabeth Doris – Policies and Preparedness Session
Jeff Cook – A State Policy Framework for Supporting Resilient Microgrids
John Steele – Shelter from the Storm


Solar 2018 Tuesday – Research Pathways: Developing Solar for New Energy Systems

Jason Dispenza – Edge Energy: Energy Services & Systems
Kevin Brehm – Reducing Procurement Costs for Communityscale Solar
Rob Van Harran – A Framework for Utilities to request PV + Storage (PVS) Assets for peaker applications
Ujjwal Bhattacheaijee  – Impact of Rooftop Solar PV on Utility Revenues


Solar 2018 Tuesday – Solar Research Pathways: Modeling for New Energy

Megan Hoskins – A Data-Driven Framework for Deploying Solar PV at Penn State University
Nate Blair – System Advisor Model (SAM)


Solar 2018 Tuesday – RPR: Tiny Watts, Introducing a New Big “Tiny”

Doug Simmers – Solar Cooking and Beyond Addressing resilience in a Changing World
Heddie Hall – This is Tiny Watts
Joan Nesmith – What in the Devil is That?
Paulette Middleton – American Solar Energy Society: Tiny Watts


Solar 2018 Tuesday – PV in the Lab and the Field

Fred Brooks – Identifying Issues on Photovoltaic Systems Using Thermal Imaging
Ian Carbone – Flexible Concentrators for Electricity and Food Production
Timothy Ohno – Solar Decathlons and Resilience, Preparedness, and Recovery


Solar 2018 Wednesday – General Session: Policy in Action

Jill Cliburn – Empowering Change
Jessica Scott – Policy in Action
Hirt-Miller – Getting Elected to a Municipal Utility Board of Directors
David Manning – Enhanced Distributed Solar PV Deployment via Barrier Mitigation or Removal in the West







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