Hotel Booking

Please note that due to increased covid restrictions we are unable to use the dorms for lodging.  We advise booking at the Hotel Andaluz or other affordable options through our limited-time hotel blocks. We’re happy to share an opportunity for Solar 2022 attendees to both save money on hotels and reduce our collective carbon footprint. We’ve partnered again with travel company TripZero (a Certified B Corp) to offset the carbon footprint created by travel to our event.

With the help of our partner hotels, we’ve secured significantly discounted room rates exclusively for attendees. By booking these hotel rooms, we collectively enable TripZero to offset the carbon footprint created by our travel–at no cost to you.

Through the purchase of certified carbon offsets, TripZero funds reforestation and renewable energy projects that remove pollution from the atmosphere. As these projects offset the impact of our travel, they also create lots of benefits for local communities.

If you’d like to take advantage of our discounted hotel rates, don’t delay. We have a very limited number of rooms and expect them to sell-out soon.



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