Thank a Solar Star

Honor a Solar Star, living or passed, this holiday season with ASES. For a minimum donation of $25, we will list your honoree as a Solar Star through 2023.

Solar Stars:

We, Mark Chalom and Betty, Tsosie would like to donate $100, in honor of Steve Baer. A hero, mentor, teacher and friend. I became aware of Steve’s work on alternatives well back in the early seventies, from his use of alternative energy to his work in mathematics and three dimensional geometry. Steve was a founder and leader of NMSEA that rocked the world. Steves work has been a gift to the world and sadly few listened. Steve was a leader of the “Lunatic Fringe” as per John Perlin in his book “Let it Shine”. When the world was preaching, collectors, rock bins, differential controllers, active, active, another big machine. Steve, Peter van Dresser, Bill Limpkins and others were saying we can do it all with mud, sticks and proper design. . The Passive Solar Revolution began. Thank you Steve.

Donor: Mark Chalom, architect, 2010 ASES Passive Solar Pioneer 


Thank you Carly for your calm and steady guidance of ASES!

Donor: Debbie Coleman


Thank you, Remi for your excellent efforts in producing Solar@work for ASES! It’s my favorite ASES eNews. 

Donor: Debbie Coleman


Thank you for the inspiration with your endless enthusiasm and dedication to ASES and solar energy in general! 

Donor: an admirer and mentee

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