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Our Goal is to provide a forum and means to further the development and deployment of solar thermal technologies contributing to the ASES mission of a 100% renewable energy economy.  We endeavor to nurture a community of technical experts who can share their knowledge providing peer review and educating the next generation.

Our members include experienced professionals and students learning how to make the laws of thermodynamics into dynamic energy solutions.

Many of our members are also members of other groups with a solar thermal focus. We endeavor to partner with solar industries organizations and user groups focused on Solar Heating & Cooling technologies, thermal storage and efficient distribution to loads like hot water, space heating & cooling, process heating, desalination, and solar cooking.

Topics We Consider

Topic areas include complete solar thermal systems, all subsystems for collection, storage and delivery of useful energy.  We will survey the membership for specific interest areas for subgroups and consider any viable related technologies or strategies to meet our goal.  

How We Communicate with the World

We will have periodic online meetings to discuss Division, please suggest a topic for a meeting.

We also will hold division meetings at all ASES conferences (in person or online).

 If you are a member you will receive a notice. If not, please join.

How We Build Our Division Community

Our Division offers professional a platform for peer review and students an opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners. Our members assist in reviewing papers and presentations for ASES conferences and publications.   

Upcoming Division Opportunities

We will have periodic online meetings to discuss Division, beginning the near the winter solstice. If you are a member you will receive a notice. If not, please join.


Solar Today articles – Please submit articles to

Solar Conference Presentations

Please attend our 50th anniversary ASES conference, SOLAR 2021, August 3-6, 2021.

Division Partners

We welcome partners from other user groups and organizations focused on solar thermal.


Division Chair – Henry K. Vandermark

Contact –

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