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Our Goals 

The Solar Buildings Division of ASES is continuously adapting to the ways that the sun interacts with buildings, but the primary goals are to:

  • Integrate both passive and active solar technologies into all building types including residential, commercial, healthcare, institutional, and industrial
  • Promote building energy efficiency and sustainability as a partner with solar
  • Educate and train for the next-generation workforce of solar buildings

Our Members 

The Solar Buildings Division members are a diverse group of professionals, scholars, and individuals that share and promote the goals as well as engage with other division members. Members include, but are not limited to:

  • Engineers, Architects, Designers
  • Researchers, Scientists, and Scholars 
  • College Educators, K-12 Teachers, Students
  • Home and Building Owners
  • Builders, Contractors, Developers
  • Realtors, Appraisers, Lenders
  • Energy Raters and Green Building Professionals
  • Code Officials, Building Inspectors, and Policymakers

Topics We Consider

The Solar Building topics covered include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV)
  • Hybrid photovoltaic/thermal (BIPV/T)
  • Solar-assisted or -powered building systems
  • Passive solar building design
  • Direct and indirect solar systems for buildings
  • Solar-driven building technologies
  • Daylighting and buildings
  • Solar heating/cooling for buildings
  • Site design
  • Building design tools related to solar
  • Solar building case studies
  • Solar-related indoor comfort, health, and well-being
  • Solar building-related standards and codes
  • Building-related solar energy resource assessment and forecasting

How We Communicate with the World 

Information and resources about Solar Buildings are shared in many different ways such as:

  • Websites
  • Webinars
  • Forums
  • Virtual and On-Site tours
  • Conferences 
  • Magazines and Journals

How We Build Our Division Community

An ASES member is part of the Solar Buildings Division community as soon as they choose (normally during membership registration or renewal) to subscribe to the Solar Buildings Division, but not all membership levels include access to the technical divisions. Periodic emails about recent news, events, online sources, volunteer opportunities, etc. will then be received. Further, Solar Buildings members may choose to reach out to others in the group and participate in a level suitable to their particular interest. 

Upcoming Division Opportunities

There are many opportunities for members to get involved in promoting and sharing information about Solar Buildings which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Presenting various ASES webinars 
  • Speaking at conferences both virtual and in-person
  • Reviewing abstracts and papers for ASES conferences
  • Writing technical papers for conferences, web sites, etc.
  • Networking with other members during informal information exchanges or Happy Hour chats



Chair: Julian Wang

Vice Chair: Debbie Rucker Coleman

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