Resource Applications Division

Chair: James Stalker

Covers the development and acquisition of data on renewable energy resources and its dissemination to end users.


  • Facilitate the transition to a clean-energy society by providing a community platform for sharing information and best practices on measuring and communicating renewable energy resources.
  • Expand the professional and volunteer workforce through educational opportunities and mentoring activities.


  •  Meteorological and other factors (clouds, air pollution, …) affecting solar, wind, and other renewable energy availability
  •  Site assessment for renewable energy installations
  •  Methods of forecasting renewable energy availability
  •  Development of standardized methodologies and reliability criteria to facilitate renewable energy deployment and market dominance
  •  Communication of science, technology, and policy developments and resources to industry professionals and the general public

How We Communicate with the World

ASES communication channels: Solar@Work e-newsletter, Solar Today magazine, webinars, Division Forum, Annual National Solar Conference contributions

How We Build Our Division Community

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Upcoming Sustainability Division Opportunities

    ASES SOLAR Conference – Send technical session and presentation ideas today


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