ASES Sustainability Division

Promotes the innovative development, exchange, and use of information on the environmental and socioeconomic benefits of renewable energy combined with energy efficiency and conservation.

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(open to ASES Business, Professional, Student, and Life members)

Chair: Paulette Middleton 
Vice Chair: Numair Latif

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The Sustainability Division 

  • Provides a community platform for easily sharing innovative information with an ever-growing solar-citizen movement dedicated to actions that help shape renewable energy and sustainable living policies and actions.
  • Expands the sustainability professional and volunteer workforce through educational opportunities and mentoring activities.
  • Reaches out to constituencies that are not already renewable energy advocates or professionals.

Topics We Consider

  • Energy – Environmental and Socioeconomic Interrelationships and Impacts: climate change, air-water-soil quality, social and economic justice, circular economy, energy security, climate and war refugees
  • Technology Issues: recycling renewables, cradle-to-cradle business practices, land- and water-use concerns and solutions
  • Sustainable living – Renewable Energy Actions at All Levels (Personal, Community, Regional, Statewide, National, International): consumer choices, political activism, investment decisions, pathways to a 100% renewable energy world

The Division supports incorporation of sustainability guidelines and JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) principles in all activities.

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How We Communicate with the World

  • Sustainability Division Offerings: Success Story Board (members can share their stories by emailing them to division leader(s) who will review and post them and consider them for articles, webinars, or conference presentations); Sustainability Tweets (leaders will initiate and grow these short alerts in creative language to inspire retweeting)
  • ASES Communication Channels: Solar@Work e-newsletter, Solar Today magazine, webinars, Division forum platform, conference contributions (Spirit and Sustainability Forum, special sessions on sustainability topics)

How We Build Our Division Community

  • Join the Division (no charge for Business, Life, Professional, or Student members)
  • Respond to calls for action
  • Meet with division members and share ideas on Division calls
  • Join Division meetups at conferences
  • Contribute to Sustainability Division forums
  • Attend webinars

Upcoming Sustainability Division Opportunities

  • TBA


Here are a few highlights: please suggest more.

Solar Today Articles 2020 Spring Edition

“Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Improving Air Quality: Two Interrelated Global Challenges” by Larry E. Erickson and Gary Brase

“On- and Off-the-Grid Living from a Human Being Perspective” by Leaf Running-Rabbit

Solar Conference Presentations

SOLAR 2019 Keynote – Essential Minerals Roopali Phadke

Other Resources

Waste – Recycling, Carbon Sequestration, and More

Earth911 provides comprehensive information on dealing with PV recycling.

Earth911 also provides information on do it yourself carbon sequestration – DIY.


Land Art Generator

The Land Art Generator provides a platform for artists, architects, landscape architects, and other creatives working with engineers and scientists to bring forward solutions for sustainable energy infrastructures that enhance the city as works of public art.


(open to ASES Business, Professional, Student, and Life members – Join ASES)


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