New DSIRE Website

Established in 1995, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) is the most comprehensive source of information related to policies and incentives that support the nation’s use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the DSIRE database and website has implemented multiple enhancements during the past year. In addition to the informative and timely policy summaries that nearly 200,000 monthly users have come to rely on, the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center (formerly the North Carolina Solar Center) has updated the website with new tools and resources to make its research more accessible and useful.

Users can now:

    • • Find relevant policies and incentives by entering a ZIP code
    • • Sort through nearly 2,800 active policies and incentives by applying various filters to search results
    • • Access machine-readable, quantitative incentive data for all renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies
    • • Build DSIRE’s open data into their websites and tools with the application program interface (API)
    • • Build policy maps in real time based on the current policy and incentive data in the database
    • • Subscribe to specific policies and incentives to know when and how they have changed.

These enhancements contribute to federal open data initiatives. The federal government views open data as an important national asset to fuel entrepreneurship, innovation, scientific discovery, and economic growth.

The new DSIRE API and open data will support private sector entrepreneurs, technologists, and innovators to build new tools, services, and infrastructure that advance a clean energy economy.

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