SOLAR 2021 Brella

Hello SOLAR 2021 Attendees, Speakers and Sponsors!

Earlier this year, we decided to take SOLAR 2021 to the next level as a Hybrid event experience. We are excited to announce that the event platform, Brella, will be open for SOLAR 2021 from July 29, 2021 until June 15, 2022 and we hope that you will make the most out of this opportunity. Please review the information below on how to best utilize this new hybrid software for SOLAR 2021.

How to join the National Solar Conference on Brella: 
  • You will receive a join code and join link in the registration or confirmation email. To get your personal join URL to the event, search your email (the email used to register for SOLAR 2021) for YOUR FIRST NAME, Here’s Your SOLAR 2021 Login Info”.
  • Follow the instructions to sign up for the event and set up your matchmaking and profile settings:
  • Welcome page: Set up your profile to start networking and see the attendee’s list and have the chance to connect with vendors, sponsors, future business partners, or mentors.
  • Availability: Choose the days you’ll be attending the conference, and would like to network during the event.
  • Interests: Select the topics you are interested in and would like to network about. Scroll to the left to find more relevant topics.
  • Profile: Complete your profile by writing a small pitch to introduce yourself, and choosing the countries you operate in. Click Start networking, and Brella will match you with people with similar interests that you can see on each individual’s profile

Matchmaking & Networking 

Attendees may select interests relevant to the solar industry and the National Solar Conference, as well as why they want to network about. Brella’s AI will determines the top matches for that attendee based on analyses from thousands of events

  • Brella’s matchmaking algorithm allows you to find the most relevant connections from the event’s attendees, speakers and sponsors. You can then chat and suggest 1:1 video calls with any fellow Brella user both virtually and in person. You’ll also be able to stream every session, forum and keynote from the app or website and join chat and Q&A with other participants. There is also an Exhibitor area to explore and more! Growing your network with the right people has never been more efficient.
  • I recommend bookmarking the SOLAR 2021 Brella Website for easy access in the future. NOTE: the event link will not work unless you have completed steps 1-4 and are logged into your Brella account.
Navigate your Event:

Schedule time slots: From the schedule, you can find a lot of information on the sessions happening at SOLAR 2021 and background information for each session and speaker.

There are several areas in which you can search for content and interesting activities. The navigation for Brella is always found from the left side of the event. You can stream the sessions and events! You can find the Streams in the TV icon of the left side navigation on the event. 

You can view the stream content on the event home page and the stream tab in a nutshell, but only in the Stream tab; you can engage with speakers and other viewers of the stream in the live chat and Q&A.

The Q&A functionality is available for desktop use only (not yet available on the smartphone app). When utilizing this function be sure to select the correct ROOM your are streaming in for the Q&A to correctly function.

What are the schedule time slots? You can find content and information on sessions by clicking on the specific time slot in the schedule. You can find the schedule in the calendar icon of the left side navigation on the event.

The event schedule in the Schedule tab is your window to everything that is happening during the event days. By clicking on the schedule time slots, you can find a lot of information about the content of the event, speakers and more.

Bookmark sessions, attendees and speakers

You can utilize bookmarking on Brella to help you navigate the platform, mark the attendees you would like to connect with, and prevent you from missing any important sessions you would like to attend.

​​Bookmark a session on the schedule 

If you would like to save particular sessions to view later, you can bookmark them in the schedule. 

To bookmark sessions in the Schedule

  1. Go to Schedule in the event
  2. Navigate the schedule and find a session you would like to bookmark.
  3. Press the star logo in the session to bookmark the session. It can now be found when you filter the schedule by bookmarks.
Breakout Rooms

In the breakout room tabs, you can find different virtual “rooms” that work as meeting points for the event attendees. All speakers will be asked to interact with attendees on this interface before and after their sessions so be sure to visit one!

The breakout rooms will allow up to 100 people to gather, chat, and connect in a virtual room at the National Solar Conference.

The breakout rooms available during the conference include:
– Poster Session
– ASES Technical Divisions
– National Solar Tour
– Women in Solar Energy (WISE)
– Emerging Professionals
– Sustainability Track
– Policy, Education & Finance Track
– Solar Advancement Track
– Social & Environmental Justice Track
– Modeling & Scaling Track
– ASES Local & Regional Chapters


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