Women in Solar Energy Award

Background of Award

This is an award to acknowledge an outstanding women in solar who is technically competent in a specific solar or solar related technology, or who has contributed significantly to the acceptance and advancement of women in solar by meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Advocacy/ political
  • Educational
  • Technical
  • Contractor
  • Social change/developing nations

This award is not for women new to the industry, but to acknowledge long term contributions.

An award for women in solar:

  • To demonstrate technical achievement
  • Not limited to a specific solar technology
  • The nominee must show a technical level of competence, technical accomplishment and/or be an outstanding educator, advocate, promoter, change agent, developer or facilitator related to solar
  • Women who inspire young women to enter the sciences through educational activities or mentoring
  • Must have made a significant contribution to the field
  • Must have working knowledge in a solar field

Nomination Information

Nomination requirements: Nominations are invited for an outstanding woman in solar. The award will go to one woman. Teams are not eligible and self nominations are not allowed. Multiple nominations for a candidate are welcome. Each candidate needs the submission of a nomination form and a minimum of two letters of support by the nomination deadline. Multiple letters of support can be submitted by others. Other supporting documentation is encouraged. Although membership to ASES is not required, preference will be given to nominees who are members of the ASES or to individuals who have supported ASES through its conferences, webinars, and publications. For the application to be considered, complete information for each candidate and nominator is required including name, phone number and email (if applicable). The winning candidate will be contacted by the award committee and will be invited to attend the ASES award ceremony. All documentation should be submitted to awards@ases.org.

Nominations for each candidate shall be submitted electronically on the Nominating Form. The nomination form must be submitted by a current ASES member.

Nominations are now closed for 2021.

Women in Solar Award Winners

2021 Fayeann Lawrence
2020 Mia Devine
2019 Dr. Gay Canough
2018 Richa Pandey
2017 Christiana Honsberg
2016 Mary Jane Hale
2015 Teresa Jester
2014 Barbara Harwood-Aitken
2013 Renee Azerbegi
2012 Heather Andrews (deceased), Electrical JATC of Southern Nevada and Trudy Forsyth, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
2010  Bettina Weiss, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials (SEMI)
2009  Marlene Brown, NMSEA and Sandia Labs
2008  Alison G. Kwok, University of Oregon
2007  Katherine Kent, the Solar Store
2006  Barbara Prosser Kerr, Sustainable Living Center
2005  Renate Boer, ASES and ISES boards of directors
2004  Alison Mason, Sunjuice and Cecile Warner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Questions? Contact Lawrence Kazmerski at awards@ases.org.

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