Leadership in Solar Architecture and Design Award

Background of Award

(Formerly Passive Solar Pioneer Award)

The American Solar Energy Society has established this award to recognize leaders in the fields of architecture and design who have made outstanding contributions related to the use of solar, low-energy and sustainable design strategies. Honorees will have developed significant ideas, theories and concepts related to solar, low-energy and sustainable building design, provided impactful demonstrations of these, or inspired others to build upon their contributions, in order to advance the field and increase its impact. This award recognizes both the timelessness of sustainable design and also a sensitivity to particular design challenges of the age.

Nomination Information

Nominations are invited for distinguished members of the solar, low-energy and sustainable architecture and design fields meeting the following requirements:

  1. The nominee must have completed significant work in the U.S. or contributed greatly to such work in the U.S. The nominee does not have to be a U.S. citizen or resident. 
  2. The nominee must have been responsible for significant ideas, theories and concepts related to solar, low-energy and sustainable building design and have provided impactful demonstrations of these or inspired others to build upon their contributions, in order to advance the field and increase its impact.
  3. Nominees need not be members of the Society, but they should be well-known to the ASES community, previously been members of ASES, or have participated in ASES activities or networks in the past. 
  4. The definition of “solar, low-energy and sustainable design strategies” is intended to be broadly interpreted to include the many schools of thought, professional work, scholarship, and variations of design theory that incorporate passive and/or active solar in significant ways.

Letters of Support:

  1. Each nomination must include a minimum of two letters of support from colleagues, collaborators, clients or other individuals familiar with the work of the nominee. The individuals providing these letters shall be identified in the nomination. These letters of support must be sent to awards@ases.org.
  2. Each nomination shall include a 100-word maximum citation succinctly describing why the nominee deserves this award. 

Self-Nominations and/or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Nominating Process: Nominations for each candidate shall be submitted electronically on the Nominating Form. The nomination must be submitted by a current ASES member.

Nominations are now closed for 2021.

Leadership in Solar Architecture and Design Award Winners

2021 Alfredo Fernandez-Gonzalez
2020 Bruce T. Haglund

Passive Solar Pioneer Award Winners

2019 David Panich
2018 Walter Grondzik
2017 Alison Kwok
2016 Jonathan Hammond
2015 Marc Schiler
2014 Mr. Donald Watson
2013 Bruce Brownell
2012 Mark Chalom, Pioneering architect and Edna Shaviv, computer-aided architectural design tool.
2010  Richard Levine, University of Kentucky
2009  Baruch Givoni, UCLA
2008  David Wright, Grass Valley, California
2007  Harvey Bryan, Arizona State University
2006  Malcolm Wells, Brewster, Massachusetts
2005  Steven Paul Badanes, University of Washington
2004  David A. Bainbridge, Alliant International University
2003  Ralph Lewis Knowles, University of Southern California
2002  Donald Prowler, Donald Prowler & Associates
2001  Murray Milne, University of CA, LA
2000  Pliny Fisk III, Ctr Max Potential Building Systems
1999  Robert Keller, Kalwall Corporation
1998  Bill and Susan Yanda, New Mexico
1997  John Reynolds, University of Oregon
1996  Ken Haggard and Polly Cooper, San Luis Obispo Solar Group, California
1995  Anne Dunning, SOLARCON, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1994  Edward Mazria, Albuquerque, New Mexico
1993  Phil Niles, CalPoly University at San Luis Obispo
1991  Native Americans
1990  Bruce Anderson, Earth Day, USA
1989  Steve Baer, Zomeworks Corp.
1988  Norman B. Saunders, Weston, Massachusetts
1987  John I. Yellott, Arizona State University
1986  Harold Hay, California
1985  Jeffrey Cook, Arizona State University
1984  J. Douglas Balcomb, Los Alamos National Laboratory
1983  Peter Van Dresser, New Mexico
1982  Wendell Thomas, Celo, North Carolina
1981  Loren Neubauer, Davis, California
1980  Albert Dietz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1979  George and Fred Keck

Questions? Contact Larry Kazmerski at awards@ases.org.

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